On Center Street

August 2011

Little Scrapper


Little Scrapper

Are you going to that scrapbook convention at the Renaissance Tulsa Convention Center next week? I’ve wanted to get into scrapbooking for years.  The scrapbooking trend that threatened to completely take over our free time 5 to 10 years ago has significantly faded.  (Will enough people even register for the convention for it to make a profit?.) Nonetheless, I still periodically lust over other people’s scrap work, wishing it were mine. I’ve got the pictures, I’ve got the paper, I’ve got the albums, and I’ve got at least some of the tools. I just got no skills. Maybe going to the scrapbook convention will help me get that. Skills, that is. Here’s what I really want to know.  How do you put those eyelets into paper? Someone....

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