Apr 19, 201109:19 AM

Boys! Boys! Boys!

Boys! Boys! Boys!

My son is growing up. He is sprouting right before my eyes. It is amazing to see.

In an upcoming article in our print version of Tulsa Kids, I talk with moms and hear from some experts about the awe-inspiring, yet sometimes nerve-racking, experience of bringing up boys. In preparation for the article, I asked some mom friends for useful, funny, or surprising tips or revelations to share on parenting baby and toddler boys, specifically.

Here are two insightful snippets from a local mom and a college friend of mine from northern Virginia.

“Tip: When changing a newborn baby boy’s diaper, cover him up as fast as you can. Before having boys, I had no clue how demoralizing it would be to get pee in your face at 3 am.” – Shelley Carter

“A revelation: I am the standard by which he will judge every woman in his life. Wow! That's a huge responsibility.” – Keya Veney Pointer

Share the words of wisdom you’ve come across about raising our little princes.

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