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TSAS Finds Success!

Tulsa school of Arts and Sciences finds success as a Tulsa charter high school.

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Smith said there is a culture of respect at the school between student, teacher and parent.  “Parents are welcome at our school. They can come in any time and see what is happening and talk to teachers. And, we would not have lunch if it wasn’t for our parents.”

Lunchtime at TSAS is a lively hour. A parent group, fondly known as the “Lunch Bunch,” brings in a hot lunch option each day for the students to purchase. The parents also run a food kiosk stocked with fruit, bagels, snack food and drinks. 

During the lunch hour students sit crossed-legged in groups on the floor talking and eating or roam outside to a grassy area for some fresh air or a game of Hacky Sack.   Several student musicians jam in the jazz band room, while a group of freshmen play video games in their World Civilization’s classroom. Teachers and students enjoy the downtime together.

“There is no cafeteria at TSAS, so students eat in the classrooms, hallways, outside, or any other place they can find to gather. Many of the teachers eat in their classrooms alongside the students which helps create a very relaxed friendship-like vibe between the teachers and students and makes it easy for students to get help from teachers during lunch,” Butler said. 

Oklahoma charter schools receive state funding through the State Aid funding formula, set by law. Up to five percent of a charter school’s funding allocation is retained by its sponsor for administrative costs. TSAS operates at about 30 percent less per student than a TPS student, Doss said. 

“Our biggest expenses are rent and teachers’ salaries. TSAS has a foundation that raised $50,000 last year. Our parents group donated $15,000 to the school from their Lunch Bunch earnings. We also have received grants from local people and companies,” Doss said.  

For a list of Oklahoma Charter Schools, you can visit the Oklahoma State Department of Education website.

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