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Zerona Laser: Gentler Body Sculpting

If the words “liposuction and tummy tuck” make you think of painful procedures, think again. The Zerona laser is a painless option that may have you on the path to a new you.

Liposuction and tummy tucks have a new cousin in town that promises less pain and a speedier recovery — folks, meet the Zerona laser.

The Zerona laser, which has been featured on TV shows such as The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors, has found its home in the Tulsa area at the Aspen Body Sculpting and Wellness Center. Dr. Jeff Lester, M.D. wields this laser to help blast fat from his patients’ most troublesome areas. And the clencher? The Zerona laser is zero pain, noninvasive and requires no recovery time. Sounds like a dream.

Aspen Body Sculpting and Wellness Center focuses on a person’s wellness with the bonus of body sculpting. Dr. Lester is passionate that he and his staff are not just a fat-blasting one-stop-shop, but rather emphasizing health and wellness to help people live healthy lives. The laser merely helps jumpstart people’s weight loss amidst their journey back to wellness.

“That’s our job — we want to try and help you find your metabolic challenges, jumpstart you back to high school skinny, and help give you a plan that will give you a long-lasting health,” Dr. Lester said. “People are living longer, but they are not necessarily living better.”

The Zerona laser is a unique, FDA-approved treatment that liquefies fat within the body’s fat cells, which then causes the fat cells (and your waistline) to shrink. The procedure uses a low level laser that lasers a pore in the fat cell, allowing the fat inside to liquefy and seep out, which your body then disposes of in its normal discarding process. Within three days, the pore in the fat cell recloses, and the cell is perfectly healthy.

The bonus of this treatment compared to other procedures such as liposuctions or tummy tucks is that the Zerona laser does not harm the fat cells like some other fat-eliminating procedures.

“If you have liposuction or tummy tuck or the new freezing thing, you permanently destroy the fat cells,” Dr. Lester said. “But your fat cells are important for your long-term health.”

With zero pain, zero surgery and zero invasiveness, the Zerona laser has yet one more zero to add to it—zero side effects. “The FDA nor myself have found one single, solitary side effect,” Dr. Lester said. The only side effect it might have is on your actual sides —as it sculpts them. 

The typical Zerona treatment package includes six laser treatments that are 40 minutes each over the span of two weeks. “The machine does not touch your body — it’s noninvasive, pain free and no recovery time,” Dr. Lester explained. “You don’t feel a thing; you sit there and listen to music.” Seems quite simple — and almost like a spa session.

The laser penetrates the skin much like sunlight, so you feel nothing…well, you might feel a dose of joy, according to the average patient’s results from Aspen Body Sculpting and Wellness Center — at least three inches lost from the patient’s waist, hips and thighs. And if you do not lose at least three inches from these areas, the team will give you up to six more free treatments.

“Our record for a woman is 11 ½ inches in two weeks,” Dr. Lester said. “We had one man who lost 24 inches in four weeks — it changed his whole personality.” The Zerona laser can change both dress sizes and personalities as it restores confidence to people who may have lost hope a long time ago.

And the beauty of Aspen Body Sculpting and Wellness Center is that they do not simply leave you with a slimmer body. Instead they focus on your wellness and health so that over time you will know how to make healthy choices to stay at your new size and shape.

“We wanted to do something that helped people long-term, that included a metabolic workup, to find out why you put on fat in the first place,” Dr. Lester said. “I mean, if we don’t discover why you put it on in the first place, no matter how successful I am, what’s going to happen to you down the road?”

By analyzing a patient’s body composition, metabolic challenges and current eating habits, Dr. Lester and his team exercise a holistic approach to make sure that each and every patient is educated on how to live healthily whether it is now, or 10 years from now.by Nicole Pride

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