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April 24, 2014

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Family Fun with the Tulsa Drillers

What's more American than baseball, right? Kids playing in the backyard, on little league and t-ball teams, asking to play catch with Dad, it's all a part of our culture and our childhoods. Going to a baseball game is the ultimate family friendly activity. Now, I'm not much of an athlete, but I sure love the atmosphere of sporting events. Most of the time I'm there for the hot dogs, peanuts, plastic cups of beer and soda, and I probably spend more time cheering for the cheerleaders than watching the actual game. Nonetheless, going to a baseball game is such a great way to get the whole family out of the house together in a positive, laid back environment. The Tulsa Drillers OneOK Stadium is one of many newer venues in Downtown Tulsa that is booming with...

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Schooooool's out for Summer!

Moms, take a victory lap for making it through another school year. Pat yourself on the back for every last day of dragging the family out of bed, hosing them down, tossing granola bars at them, forcing homework to get done in the car, getting to soccer practice on time (relatively) and making sure everyone passed their respective grade by the skin of their teeth while you maintained shreds of your sanity. If you're anything like me and Jen Hatmaker, you are SO glad school's out for summer! Well, regular school anyway. I tell you what, I so look forward to that first day of Summer when I don't have to check a single back pack, pack a lunch, sign a homework folder or explain for the umpteenth time why we don't wear sweatpants to school. But before I'm even done...

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Conrad Farms and Wannabe Cherry Trees

It's amazing all of the places I find and activities I discover just from driving around. As moms, especially with multiple children, we do a lot of driving don't we? Let me encourage you to wake up from your npr or Justin Timberlake induced stupor (I know what it takes to make it through all those carpools with a shred of sanity at the end of the day) and keep your eyes on the road. Well, the side of the road at least.  I pass Conrad Farms every time I take my kids to school in Glenpool, driving from Broken Arrow. They're located just west of Memorial on 151st street in Bixby. It's hard to stop in though, because I am often running late on the way to pick them up in the afternoon, and on the way back I have to hurry to pick up the littles from Broken Arrow...

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Field Trip to Woolaroc

As a work-at-home-mom, I am grateful for the flexibility I have that allows me to take my kids to school, pick them up, and be available to go eat lunch with them and attend school functions. I am not able to volunteer for every opportunity with the PTA, but I can do some. There are some requests you just don't turn down. So, when my stepdaughter asked me if I would chaperon her upcoming school field trip to Woolaroc, the answer was instantly, "Yes!" Those of you out there who are stepparents know how difficult it can be to blend families and to earn trust with your stepchildren. To be honest, I got a little teary when she asked. I know, I know, they probably just needed volunteers and she probably didn't think anything special about asking me, but I sure did....

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How Can I Help?

On the first morning in months I've had the computer all to myself, I have tons of blog pictures and ideas to catch up on and all I can think about is the constant streaming news and images of the devastation in Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.  I should be writing about fun outings and family trips we've taken and all of our fun plans for the summer, but that just seems strange. As the rain trickles down and the wind and thunder roll on here in Broken Arrow, it is difficult to feel grateful we are all safe when just west of us parts of our state are demolished. It seems like there is nothing we can do but pray for those affected and those serving to pick up the pieces.  Last night, someone posted on facebook, "I don't know when someone was...

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Jazzin' it Up on the Plazz

Sometimes weeknights are just too hectic for outings. Heck, we don't even have extracurricular activities going on right now, and I still feel like I can't handle anything else going on other than life! But lately, I've been wanting vacation so badly, and knowing that ain't happening any time soon I've decided I need to start working vacation into my life on a regular basis before I lose my mind! Enter Jazz on the Plazz. Plaza del Sol at 101st and Mingo hosts live music from local artists in their plaza every Tuesday evening. Some shows start as early as 6pm, but others kick off at 7pm or later. It's not too far from my house, and I heard commercials for it all summer last year and never made it. We finally made it out a couple of weeks ago, and were...

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Come for Food Trucks, Find the Center of the Universe!

I know, I know. I know what you're going to say. You're going to say I've already talked about food trucks. And I have. You're going to say I've already talked about Food Truck Festivals, and I have. Confession #1: I may have a mild obsession with food trucks. I'm not completely sure why, except they're just awesome. The people that run them are inevitably wicked cool, the food is always exceptional and the kitchen is mobile. That's stinking cool! Confession #2: I may have a mild obsession with RVs and mobile kitchens and adventure in general. As a kid, my only reasons for wanting to go to the Tulsa State Fair with my mom was to tour the RVs and get fudge. Truth. Confession #2 may have a lot to do with explaining Confession #1. I know, I...

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Natural Lullabies Events This Weekend

As a doula, I love when I have opportunities to provide families with amazing resources about parenting, pregnancy and childbirth. There are many Tulsa Doulas to meet the needs of families in Tulsa and Natural Lullabies is one of those resources. Natural Lullabies offers a variety of resources to support, empower and educate pregnant mothers and seasoned parents, including prenatal yoga, holistic childbirth education, doula services, and now the Eco Mama Market! This Saturday, April 27th 2013, Natural Lullabies will host its first of many Mama Markets from 10am-3pm. The vision of the Mama Market is to support ecological living by encouraging a barter and trade system among local moms. Similar to a garage sale, moms can donate gently used items and receive a voucher with which...

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Sunday Market at Guthrie Green

It is Spring and Guthrie Green Sunday Market is up and running for 2013! We made it out for the inaugural Sunday Market event on April 7th and it was wonderful. It was a little overcast, but still perfect weather for spreading out a quilt and listening to the music! We arrived in time for the band Fiawna Forte. They were so much fun. Their music belongs on a mix with Wilco and the Old 97s. I'm glad I got to hear them and look forward to seeing where else they play around town! Any place I can chill outside and listen to live music (for free) is my kind of place! I brought a bag of fruit and snacks, but next time I might bring a cooler with a few adult beverages and make sure we can stay longer! I know. My ten and twelve year olds look really enthralled, but...

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K-Dub Food Truck Festival

We love food. We love really good local and gourmet food. We love food from trucks because you don't have to dress up all fancy and wait for a table. Put it all together, and you have a killer reason for our family to get out of the house and support local businesses! Last Saturday, the kids and I were excited to get outside in the sunshine (and a bit of wind) and head out to the K-Dub Food Truck Festival. Kendall Whittier Main Street is a Main Street Program through the Department of Commerce Oklahoma Main Street Center. Their mission is "to promote and restore Kendall Whittier as a thriving, walkable and welcoming community for living and working." Events such as the Annual Signature Event Series have been held to raise money and awareness for the...

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