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March 29, 2015

Honeybee Mama

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Big Splash: Just as Much Fun as You Remember


Big Splash: Just as Much Fun as You Remember

Until recently, I hadn't been to Big Splash since at least middle or high school. I know you guys think I'm only 25, but trust me, it's been a while!   Surprisingly enough, I've never taken my kids either! When they were little, they wouldn't have known the difference between a kiddie pool and the ocean and over the last couple of years it's just worked out that it was easier to go to a neighborhood pool, and cheaper. But this year, I found out about an incredible deal to get very affordable season passes for the whole family!   The Church at Battlecreek has some amazing Summer deals available, one of which includes several Big Splash savings options:   Family Passes for Four: $120...

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Cruisin' the Mother Road


Cruisin' the Mother Road

Something I've been wanting to do for a while now is take my kids on a legitimate Rt. 66 road trip. Oklahoma has the longest stretch of the historic "Mother Road" in the United States, which makes it quite convenient that we live here in Tulsa!   We've visited several landmarks like the Blue Whale, and Totem Pole Park, but have never just gotten in the car and started driving. Last week, after picking up my littles from a two and a half week stay with their dad (my heart broke a million times) I decided to get off the turnpike and cruise Rt. 66.   Since we meet at McDonald's in Stroud for exchanges, we started with some good old McD's breakfast (shhh, don't tell the real food police) and some silly selfies.  ...

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Street Food, Festivals and More in Broken Arrow


Street Food, Festivals and More in Broken Arrow

Street festivals and food truck appearances seem to be popping up all over the place on a regular basis in Tulsa, and Broken Arrow is no stranger to them either!   In March, Broken Arrow based BA Buzz, hosted ShamROCK the Rose District, a full day festival complete with merchant vendors, food trucks and live music. More recently, BA Buzz was busy again and teamed up with More Broken Arrow to put on the Summer Solstice festival.   Historic Main Street was closed to thru traffic, but open to all the visitors out to enjoy the amazing weather on the longest day of Summer!    We hit up the Andolini's food truck for dinner. They had the longest line, but our bellies were craving that delicious pizza and we...

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Summer Survival Secrets


Summer Survival Secrets

Okay Parents. It's that time again, and I'm not talking about Summer...at least not exactly.    I'm talking about that point that hits you about a week after Summer break begins when you're kids have said, "Hey mom" for about the 50 millionth time that day and it's only 9AM. I'm talking about that phrase that is akin to nails on a chalkboard, the dreaded, "I'm bored."   Well, before you start day drinking before the Today Show is over, let me give you my Summer Survival Secrets!   1. Invest in some good ole cheap yard toys, like frizbees,     sprinklers,         and yard bowling, horse shoes or criquet. For one,...

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Wednesdays are awesome at Guthrie Green!


Wednesdays are awesome at Guthrie Green!

I love Summer in Tulsa and all the FREE things there are to do with your kids. If you keep your ears and eyes open (and read my blog) you'll never miss an opportunity to do something new and fun (and usually free) with your kiddos.    I am often writing and telling people about Guthrie Green. It truly is one of the most amazing additions to the Tulsa landscape, and next to the BOK Center probably the best thing to happen to our city in my 33 years of living here. Their tagline is "A Land for You and Me," and everything is always free there. Any concerts or events will always be offered for free.    This morning, we went to Story Time, hosted by Tulsa City-County Library. There was an amazing crowd!  ...

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