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November 21, 2014

Honeybee Mama

Life is what you make of it; make honey.
Free Summer Movies!


Free Summer Movies!

It's time for Summer fun and FREE stuff in Tulsa. There's plenty of time for sun and heat and splashing in the pools and splash pads around town, but let's get real: sometimes parents need an air-conditioned place to take their kids where they will be occupied while sitting down in one spot for an hour or more.    Enter the Free Summer Kids Film Festival at the Riverwalk Movies in Jenks!      This is brilliant because it happens Monday through Friday at 10AM ALL SUMMER LONG. We saw Despicable Me and I was probably the only one in the theater who hadn't seen it yet, so I was laughing louder than everyone else. Hey, when your kids see all the latest and greatest movies with their dad, you miss out! My friends...

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Rockin' Out with Tulsa Symphony Orchestra


Rockin' Out with Tulsa Symphony Orchestra

Here's the dealio: in order to not miss out on all the cool stuff going on in Tulsa, you pretty much have to be willing to be spontaneous and do things last minute. This works for me since most of my life is totally scheduled and I keep my calendar perfectly pretty haphazard and chaotic anyway.    I mean, the life of a doula means being ready to drop everything at any moment to be with a woman in labor. There are plenty of times I look ahead at the calendar and see awesome activities at the library or museum, but then am unable to go because of client emergencies, or simply because the only time I can meet with my clients is on weekends or evenings.    So, I adapt. Like I did a couple of weeks ago when I found out...

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MmmHanson...I mean Bop...I mean Hop


MmmHanson...I mean Bop...I mean Hop

Mmmmmm Hanson. Okay, okay, yes, I'm married. Yes, I'm happily married. No, I don't really have actual crushes on any Hanson boys...okay, they're men now, but c'mon. I KNOW I'm not the only one who still gets chills and a little giddy when I hear MmmBop on the radio!    My six year old obviously does not. He said he wanted to come to the Hop Jam with me on Sunday and this is what he did in the car. Granted, we were not actually listening to MmmBop. SURELY he couldn't have slept through THAT!     This past weekend turned out being totally crazy and we missed out on Mayfest, Blue Dome Arts Festival AND Spring in the Square, all fantastic events I totally wanted to go to and blog about! However,...

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Prepare yourself for the massive amounts of fun you are about to witness in this blog post.    This past weekend, Broken Arrow celebrated its 83rd annual Rooster Days celebrations. My littlest little, Alec and I went to the parade and carnival on Saturday and had the time of our lives. Why did I only have one of my four kids with me, you ask? Well, my husband Marc decided to go fishing and we gave the kids an option of who they wanted to go with. Everyone else chose fishing.    Too. Bad. For. Them.   It was SO much fun to have quality one-on-one time with my little guy. It so rarely happens, and this was such a treat.   The weather was PERFECT, sunny and warm with a nice breeze. The parade kicked off the day and...

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Don't Forget to Play


Don't Forget to Play

I've been reminded a lot lately about the power of play, laughter and lightheartedness. I get so wrapped up with life and the pressure (often placed by myself) to parent perfectly and discipline and use every moment as a teaching moment. When your life is as busy as mine is, as all of our lives are, the time you have that isn't spent working and tending to the stuff of life often feels limited. It's easy to spend what little free time we have checking out, watching TV and barking more orders at our kids. When what they really need is to play. And breathe. And move. And explore. It's too easy to become irritated with the thousands of hey mommy, mommies and respond with a frustrated, "Whaaatt?" I am finding it makes a huge difference in the...

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