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October 21, 2014

Honeybee Mama

Life is what you make of it; make honey.
Don't Forget to Play


Don't Forget to Play

I've been reminded a lot lately about the power of play, laughter and lightheartedness. I get so wrapped up with life and the pressure (often placed by myself) to parent perfectly and discipline and use every moment as a teaching moment. When your life is as busy as mine is, as all of our lives are, the time you have that isn't spent working and tending to the stuff of life often feels limited. It's easy to spend what little free time we have checking out, watching TV and barking more orders at our kids. When what they really need is to play. And breathe. And move. And explore. It's too easy to become irritated with the thousands of hey mommy, mommies and respond with a frustrated, "Whaaatt?" I am finding it makes a huge difference in the...

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Cesarean Awareness Family Picnic


Cesarean Awareness Family Picnic

On April 12th, several Tulsa families gathered at La Fortune Park to celebrate Cesarean Awareness Month at a family picnic hosted by ICAN of Tulsa and Tulsa County BirthNetwork (TCBN).  Some came prepared with fancy picnic packs with coordinating baskets and blankets! Others grabbed whatever they could find on the way and joined the fun. There were plenty of new and seasoned mommas, and lots of squishy babies! Several childbirth professionals and childbirth advocates joined to support one another and help raise awareness for the one in three women who give birth by cesarean delivery in our country. "ICAN's mission is to raise awareness about the rising cesarean rate in this country, the unique needs of cesarean...

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Sexy Dads Change Cloth Diapers


Sexy Dads Change Cloth Diapers

On Saturday, April 26th, The Greater Tulsa Area Great Cloth Diaper Change took place at the Broken Arrow Community Center from 9:30 AM - 12 PM. All over the globe, participants all change a cloth diaper at the very same time in order to set a Guinness World Record! According to the Tulsa area organizers, The Great Cloth Diaper Change "event's purpose is to not only break the Guinness World Record, but to also help spread awareness that cloth diapering is truly the best diapering option for your baby. It's eco-friendly and eliminates unnecessary waste in our landfills. Cloth diapering is also budget friendly and will save families thousands of dollars during the years they diaper their children." Participants began forming a line early in the morning to...

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Getting Salty with Kids Yoga


Getting Salty with Kids Yoga

Are you a yogi? I'm not sure what all constitutes being a legitimate yogi, but I fall more in love with yoga every day. I've written in the past about trying yoga myself and doing family yoga, and recently took my littles to Kids Yoga at the newly opened South Tulsa location for SALT Yoga. One of the things I love about SALT is that they promote yoga as fun and open to everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level. I have never felt like anything was unattainable in my yoga practice and always feel encouraged when I attend classes. While yoga can be a part of intense spiritual practice, yeilding very serious results, it can also be fun, playful and relaxing. Extending the practice of yoga to children makes it that much more evident. After warming up a...

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Here's a new hashtag for you: #CAM2014. What is it, you ask? Well, it's the hashtag for Cesarean Awareness Month, of course! Cesarean Awareness Month began in an effort to bring awareness to the 1 in 3 women who give birth in the United States by cesarean delivery. Consider the fact that the World Health Organization recommends a c-section rate of no higher than 10-15%, yet our national average is 32.8% and the Oklahoma c-section rate is 34.7%. This means that more than half of the cesareans performed in our country and state are probably preventable! Many women do not anticipate complications during their labor and probably do not prepare for a cesarean delivery. The medical community and many people portray the surgery as minor, yet women who have experienced...

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