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March 4, 2015

Honeybee Mama

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I Heart Mompreneurs!


I Heart Mompreneurs!

Did you know Forbes voted Tulsa #1 in it's list of Top 10 Cities for Young Entrepreneurs? I can believe it. Among the people I know personally, I can count several thriving small business owners. You probably know them too.   How about Tulsans like Libby and Jeremy Auld, owners of Elote Cafe? They revolutionized the downtown Tulsa food scene with sustainable food and business practices, recycled restaurant decor, AMAZING food, and don't forget the Luchadores!     Then there's artists like Steve Cluck whose passion for his hometown inspired his beloved Don't Hate the 918, and I Heart Tulsa t-shirts that are worn all over the globe (I even wore one in my engagement pics)! Yours truly had the...

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Yoga and Much More at I AM


Yoga and Much More at I AM

If you haven't heard of the I AM Yoga, Art and Music Festival you may not have been living under a rock exactly, but you're definitely missing out!   The 4th Annual I AM festival is in full swing this weekend only. Beginning Friday, September 12th, it continues through tomorrow, September 14th. Entrance to the festival is FREE, unless you plan to attend one of the many amazing yoga classes. I was able to pop in this morning for one of the free community yoga classes at 10am.    Oop! There's some booties in downward dog!    One of those booties was about to be mine!  I absolutely LOVE practicing yoga outside, and especially with others. We ended the class in a circle, holding hands and after we...

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Rediscovering Gilcrease


Rediscovering Gilcrease

If you haven't been to Gilcrease Museum in a while, it's time to rediscover this beautiful treasure of Tulsa. September 6th and 7th, the museum held a celebration weekend with the theme: Rediscover Gilcrease.    Admission was free for both days, in addition to all kinds of free kids activities, lectures for adults, musical entertainment and refreshments. On Sunday, I took the littles to see what all the hubub was about. You could hear the Red Dirt Rangers from a mile away and the music was hoppin'! We danced and listened for a while before heading in to the various buildings to explore.      A key part of the celebration was the completion of the much anticipated Helmerich Center for American Research. Official...

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Monet and the Seine at Philbrook


Monet and the Seine at Philbrook

If you've read my blog or followed me on social media for any amount of time, you know I love Philbrook museum. We love 2nd Saturdays, and have gone back for many other great free, seasonal events.    Right now, they are hosting a traveling exhibit called "Monet and the Seine," showcasing much of Claude Monet's artwork from the period of time where he lived in different locations along the Seine river in France.     We wanted to save the best for last, so we first toured the entire museum and all the exhibits that are there all the time, including my favorite: the gardens.   I just can't help but wish my own garden at home looked like this when I am there. I walk through the gardens so much...

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Tulsa Food Roundup


Tulsa Food Roundup

When you're a divorced parent, Summer usually means extended periods of time with less-than-usual or zero amounts of children. For my husband and me, that means lots of going out to eat. It's amazing how much eating out you can afford when you're not having to feed six people on a daily basis!    I've been eating and experiencing so many yummy places this Summer, with full intentions of writing up a post about each and every one, but for the sake of time (and my majorly slacking blog skills as of late), I'm just going to do an epic (and I mean epic) blog post about all of them.    I call this the Tulsa Food Roundup. Buckle up, y'all; this post is EPIC.   First up: R Bar   We are LOVING R Bar....

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