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April 21, 2014

Honeybee Mama

Introducing Tulsa County BirthNetwork


Introducing Tulsa County BirthNetwork

Where do you go when you find out you're pregnant and need information? Most of us start with our doctors and then start asking our friends for information. It can be difficult navigating the world of pregnancy and childbirth, even in the information heavy world we live in! As a childbirth professional myself, I know there are several pockets in Tulsa and surrounding areas of educators and professionals whose passion is to assist and educate women during their pregnancies. For the layperson, so to speak, it can be next to impossible to find what you need and want unless you know the right people. Until now! I would like to introduce you to Tulsa County BirthNetwork. Imagine a one stop shop where childbirth educators, physicians, midwives, doulas, prenatal yoga...

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Success and Resolutions

I tend to not make New Year's Resolutions. Basically I don't want to disappoint myself with... myself. If I don't set goals, I don't have to feel like a failure when I don't reach them. Then by default I'm not a failure! Well last year, I actually made a resolution to choose happiness. I did set some specific and general goals for myself and although I didn't keep them perfectly, I did begin incorporating some better habits into my life. Which brings me to this blog post which involves successful people and the habits they exhibit. Recently one of friends posted this image on his Facebook page:  I do not know where this image originated but it has some insightful information. I began by reading the "Successful People" list....

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The Reason I Give at Christmas

Christmas giving is something very near and dear to my heart. I recently shared my personal story of how one person made all the difference for my family just a few years ago. As a single mother struggling to provide for my children while receiving no child support and facing mountains of debt and expenses, I had no idea how I would buy presents for my kids. One person gave me $100, which was a generous gift, enabling me to purchase a few gifts for each of my children and have memories for a lifetime. Since that year, I try to involve my children in giving each year. I used to work for a bank that held an annual toy drive. Each year, I volunteered to collect money from my co-workers to purchase gifts for the toy drive. I would my children with me and let...

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Life Lessons I've Learned from Childbirth

As a doula, I spend a lot of time thinking, talking, writing, studying and teaching about childbirth. I fit right in among others in the birth community, but to many (including my husband) I just seem like a real birth nerd. We often find the most analogies from our careers and for me it's no different. When friends call to vent or to ask for advice, I find myself saying things like, "You know, it's like in labor..." or "You know when you're having a contraction and..." To me, they all make perfect sense and to some of my friends at least, I think they are helpful. My apologies to all of you men I have attempted to console with birth analogies, though! I thought I'd share with you some of the life lessons I've learned from my seven years as...

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Snow Day 2013!

Oh boy, it's a snow day in Tulsa! I hope you all are finding constructive ways to keep all your kiddos occupied and safe today! When the kids are out of school, my work-at-home-mom schedule has to change. I am getting a few things done today, but mostly I'm slowing down and enjoying moments like this: Watching the kids mesmerized by the snow falling steadily outside.  Taking extra time to cook hot breakfast instead of the usual school day fare. Creative and not-so-messy craft projects like homemade silly putty! Get the Homemade Silly Putty Tutorial here! The kids are getting creative and making up their own games of tag, building forts and getting out the playing cards. I even stocked up on video game and dvd rentals from Family...

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A Sneak Peek of Whole Foods Yale

You might be living under a rock if you haven't heard the buzz about the new Whole Foods Market opening up in South Tulsa at 91st and Yale. It's been the subject of many conversations in mommy meet-ups and social media groups. At least, all the circles with whom I associate that involve eco-consciousness, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, essential oil using, real food eating and fair trade purchasing, it seems like we've been anticipating this opening for-ev-er. And it's finally here...well, almost. Whole Foods Yale opens in just four measly days. But guess what. Someone you know and love received an exclusive invitation to the sneak peek for media and bloggers today. In fact, this was the PRE-sneak peek sneak peek! There's another huge event...

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Date Night Pt. 2 - Mary's Trattoria

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to have a date night with my husband and another couple. I shared part one of our date night yesterday, where we went to Dust Bowl, which was a blast.  After bowling, everyone else had to leave, but Marc and I were kidless and not ready to end the evening yet! As we left the lounge, we started talking about what to do next. We hadn't eaten yet and figured we might as well find some place we hadn't tried before. Marc said, "Hey, how about Mary's? We've been saying we'd try it for a while now." So we hopped in the car and headed over to Cherry Street. My parents rave about Mary's Trattoria, and everyone I know who's been there says it's amazing. That's enough to get me in the door!...

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Date Night pt 1 - Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge

Last Saturday night, my cute husband, Marc, and I had the opportunity to go on a double date to a couple of places we've had on our wish list for some time now.  So many times, we are just so thankful to have a babysitter and a night where we're both available, we honestly don't care if it's just the standard dinner and a movie. But it is nice when we get to do something a little more creative to get us out of our comfort zone to ensure our table conversation isn't just filled with the usual discussions about kids and bills! Dust Bowl Lanes and Louge, in the Blue Dome District of Downtown Tulsa has been on my date night to-do list since it opened. I was thrilled when given the opportunity to shoot a "Date Night" show for Tulsa Feed alongside...

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Honeybee Mama's Halloween

Happy Halloween from Honeybee Mama! Just thought I'd share some pictures of our Halloween adventure this year. First, allow me to introduce the cast and crew: (back row) The Unknown Comic and the Hobo, (front row) White Snake Eyes, The Ninja and Wolverine. You may be asking how Marc and I dressed up. Well, we dressed as Marc and Missy this year. Lame you say? Well, herein lies the dillemma. A couple of years ago we dressed as a Double Rainbow... ...which honestly was such a hit, we've had a hard time topping it. Maybe next year, Halloween, maybe next year. We have made a little tradition of meeting at my mom's house (Mimi) and gathering the cousins together to eat pizza and trick-or-treat together. They have some very enthusiastic neighbors with...

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Tulsa Oktoberfest: Fun for the Entire Family

It's Oktoberfest time, Tulsa! Have you been out to the festival this year? I experienced my first ever Oktoberfest this year and I'm here to tell you all about it. I think it's almost sacrilegious to be a native Tulsan who's never been to Oktoberfest. I mean, we have one of the top 3 Oktoberfests in the country, we're internationally renown and I've never been.  Until now! Friday, I ventured out to explore the festivities with some of my Tulsa Feed crew. We started out shooting some of Amanda Simcoe's show, Feed Tulsa Now, and tasted two of the many beers available. Here I am with Amanda and Don Kreutzweiser, our illustrious camera guy. We ran into my brother, Jesse Boudiette, spokesperson for Tulsa's Oktoberfest, and I got to...

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