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What's the deal with the Dilly?

Have you ever been to the Dilly Deli? For years, it's been a Downtown Tulsa favorite where families can enjoy kid-friendly dining in a uniquely casual atmosphere and delicious sandwiches with clever names. Ever heard of the Dilly Diner? Well, which is it? Deli or Diner? What's the deal with the Dilly?!

Recently the beloved lunch spot has been revamped into a full-scale diner, including a full breakfast menu that's served all day, an upgraded dinner menu, an in house bakery and even a full bar! The incredible chefs focus on sourcing their food locally as much as possible. What's great, is that all the food is just what you would expect at a traditional diner, but reeeaaaalllly really good. So the Dilly is the same location and same people with a little bit different name, renovated space, more food options and a whole lot of awesomeness.

Although they've always served breakfast, now that they've taken everything up a notch, it's become our new favorite weekend brunch spot. It was busy the Sunday we went, and I kept entertained by watching the bakers move like a symphony as they measured, mixed, wrapped and decorated the GORGEOUS pastries! 

The new inside of the restaurant still has the unique feel and style that made the Dilly Deli feel so special, but really elevates the restaurant to a new level of a modern diner. 

I highly recommend ordering the "Daily Dough," which is basically the donut of the day. Don't worry; it's not your whole meal, just an appetizer! We got the Boston Creme and the Maple Bacon. OMG. So good. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.

The food is amazing. Like I said, it's all the "classic" items you would expect at a diner, but when the ingredients are high quality and super fresh because they're local, and the chefs have a passion for making excellent food, you get food that will make you wanna smack your momma! Except...don't smack your momma. Just eat the amazing food.

Hands down the best Reuben sandwich I've ever tasted, and I'm forever grateful to my husband for letting me have a bite.

Delicious Turkey and Avacado sandwich.

I got the Croque Madame. I'm a huge fan of the Croque Monsieur and the Croque Madame. If you've never had one you should, and I must say that all breakfast potatoes should aspire to be the Dilly Diner's breakfast potatoes. OMG. They're just...yum.

The corned beef for the Corned Beef and Hash is made in house!

And the flavors in the Breakfast Burrito with Fassler Hall's chorizo sausage are just as big as the burrito itself!

As always, kids are welcome at the Dilly, and there is a patio available where the little ones with ants in their pants can get out their wiggles! Check out what the new deal is with the Dilly Diner - you won't be sorry!

See you around town,

Missy David, the Honeybee Mama

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