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Training for the Tulsa Run

It's October in Tulsa, and you know what that means...

Pumpkins? Festivals? Nope, it's time to gear up for the Tulsa Run!

The Tulsa Federal Credit Union Tulsa Run is the most well known foot race in Tulsa, and has been an October tradition since 1978. The race begins in Downtown Tulsa, and winds through midtown, along iconic Riverside Drive, and finishes right in front of the BOK Center. The race draws athletes, families and thousands of fans on the sidelines cheering on the runners. In fact, every year tons of volunteers help at water and medical stations, and everyone from spectators to artists playing live music line up along the race route to support the racers.

My Tulsa Run History

I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but I did fall in love with running in college. I've found it's an incredible way for me to relax, stay healthy and clear my mind. Some may be surprised to know I've run the Tulsa Run twice, once in 2009 and again in 2010, the same year I also ran the Rt. 66 Half Marathon. Whaaaa?! Yep, I'm a runner!
Here I am after completing the Rt. 66 Half Marathon, with my brother Jesse, who was there with my husband rooting for me. It's been five years since I've run a race - I hope I make it!

Why I Love Running

Running has always been a challenge and one of the only things I have in my life that is only for me. I don't have to share it with my children, my clients, or anything else. The first time I decided to run, I was in the midst of a divorce and juggling single parenthood. I can't even describe how empowering it was to set a goal for myself and achieve it. Since then, I have continued to thrive on setting big goals for myself, staying the course and celebrating as I reach the finish line, whether it's a physical challenge or emotional challenge

Ways to Train

There are many ways to train for the Tulsa Run, and I've often consulted with Hal Higdon's programs. One year, I ran on my lunch break with the gals at work and we would always be in a rush to de-sweat and get back to our desks in time! Options for training in Tulsa include:
  • Pathways
  • Walk Fit
Both of these programs are offered through Fleet Feet

Fun for the Whole Family

The great thing about the Tulsa Run is it's an opportunity for the whole family to get out and get active together. There is a 1 mile fun run, 5k and 15k, so there's something for everyone. Sadly, no one in my immediate family is going to be running with me, but hopefully they'll cheer me on from the sidelines! Also, my nephew, James will be running the 5k while I'm running the 15k. I'm so proud of him!
Here he is after completing the Bubble Run, his FIFTH 5k this year!

Are you running this year? If you are, come find me and say hello! If you're on the sidelines and see me trotting by, holler at me - I will NEED the encouragement!
See you around town, 
Missy David, the Honeybee Mama
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