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Spreading Some Small Business Love

So, I've been planning all kinds of fun activities to do with the kids to share some great ideas for fun things to do around Tulsa, and as fate would have it, things haven't gone as planned!
One of my little guys was sent home with a terrible cough yesterday morning, so I had to cancel a play date I'd planned with a few other moms at Bouncy Barn's new location in Broken Arrow. Don't worry, it's been rescheduled for next Monday, so you can look forward to my review!
With sick man in tow, I needed to get a few errands done, and since I was in the neighborhood I thought I'd stop by Sage Culinary Studio to check out hours and get some info on classes. It's something I've wanted to do with the kids and knew it would be a great thing to share with my readers. I was SO SAD to arrive and see a "Closed" sign in the window along with a letter from the owner saying that due to the financial toll on her business she's had to shut down immediately.
I thought the only right thing to do was to hurry out and support a small business! One of my favorite places to shop for gifts and treats is On the Corner on Main Street in Broken Arrow. It's a store filled with shops of different local vendors, so it's really lots of local businesses all in one!
In my opinion, the best sweets in town come from Sweet Sherry Pies, who made our wedding cupcakes. She sells her cupcakes at On the Corner, and I seriously have to hold myself back from supporting her business too much! Yesterday there were Butterfinger and Red Velvet cupcakes. If you like OTC's page on facebook, you'll see daily announcements of what kind of cupcakes are available!!

Are you familiar with Jill Solomon's photography? She has a studio right in the store!


Have you heard of Piggies & Paws? So genius. I attended a P&P party a couple of years ago and came away with some treasured pieces of artwork with my little's hand and foot prints! You must check them out.


Look at Tweet Baby Design's adorable designs. I know some boys that will love those adorable dinosaur pillows on their beds! She makes a brilliant chomping necklace that is great for teething littles.


I failed to catch who made this piece, but I love it. I think surely I could magically make some space appear in my home for this guy. Hmmm, maybe I should check with my husband first.


There are stores with accessories and party planners too!


Check out these sweet pacifier clips from Spiffy Monkey! She also makes sweet custom baby bedding and other gifts.


I'm totally in love with Fig's store too. I think I might be considered fashionable if I just follow her lead and buy her stuff! She has a mustache pillow that absolutely cracks me up!


On the Corner also sells one of my favorite products. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you about it, because the whole idea is that "No one else will ever know..." but it's Poo-Pourri. My dad bought me some a few years back, probably as a gag gift, and it has turned out to be a staple I will FOREVER keep in our hallway guest restroom!


After ooh-ing and ahh-ing at pretty much everything in the store, I found a cute little camo crayon wrap for the littles from The Laughy Giraffy, picked out our cupcakes and headed to the check out.


I'm a sucker for cute wrapping too. It wasn't even a special occasion!


Those cupcakes were amazing (as usual), and you know what? Supporting a small business is totally worth cheating on your diet!

See you around town!


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