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Osaka - A Special Birthday Dinner

What do you do for an eleven year old's birthday?

Nothing really seemed to fit the bill when we tried to figure out how to celebrate, even when we asked Carter. Bowling? Nah. Movies? Not really. He's kind of over the whole Incredible Pizza thing too, though that's always a favorite with the family.

Then, something hit me. Maybe it's not an activity we need, but dinner that's also entertainment! As far as I knew, none of our kids had even been to a hibachi grill, or Japanese steakhouse, so I suggested Osaka to Marc. He thought the idea was brilliant, so we made reservations!

Last night, when we arrived and sat at our table, Marc gave the kids a reminder rundown of the rules when we're at a restaurant.

I just love looking at pics of our family. We so enjoy our time together, and eating out with our kids is really a treat!

Osaka is a cultural experience, and the kids were psyched about trying to figure out how to use the chopsticks...or drum with them!


It's also an opportunity for trying new foods. We love the soup and salad appetizers that come with every meal, but they were new foods for the kiddos. We just asked them to each try at least one bite of everything.

In no time, the show began. It all started out with some fancy knife work from our table side chef! Cling, clang, clap!

Yummy fried rice is up. I couldn't seem to snap the pic at the right time, but he was tossing the bowl of rice up in the air and catching it with his spatula! Amazing!

Then all the veggies start sizzling. We call this the choppy choppy part!

Yay! Aidan figured out the chopsticks! And tasted shrimp for the first time. Sadly, after I snapped this pic, he dropped the shrimp onto the floor :(. Thankfully, he wasn't too disappointed, and started right up again trying to grab his next piece, and he liked it! Anyone else hearing the Yo Gabba Gabba song, "Try It, You'll Like It?"

Everyone's favorite: the flaming tower of onion rings. You'd think our kids were pyromaniacs the way they kept begging for flames!

Our chef was so fun and I loved the way he presented the food to the kids. He served them all "Chinese Spaghetti," to make the sprouts less intimidating.

Aidan said, "Wow, I've never had crunchy spaghetti before! These are good!" Yeah! The general consensus among the big kids was that it was NOT "actually" spaghetti. They're getting too smart for me.

Then, he served up "chicken nuggets." Aidan asked if they were like our chicken nuggets at home and the chef assured him they were, but better. He was pleased with the response, and even more pleased when he tasted them. The bigs loved the chicken too!

And Alec finally figured out his chopsticks...well almost!

Marc, my adorable husband, insisted on some cheesy posed pics, and insisted I have some time in front of the camera.



It might be impossible for us to not have fun somewhere.

Not only does every meal come with soup and salad, you even get ice cream for dessert! "Missy, take a picture of my ice cream!"

You got it, birthday boy!

This was definitely a special treat of a dinner for the kids. I was really impressed with how well behaved they all were, and what good sports they were to try everything on their plates. Osaka is a little pricey for a family of six, but since it was a special occasion, we didn't mind. They had so much fun, and we were really glad to treat them!

To top off the whole night, we had Carter's favorite and specially requested cake. He calls it the Chocolate Supreme cake. Dark Chocolate Fudge cake, with chocolate chips mixed in, a layer of chocolate icing in the middle and all over, and covered with chocolate and colored sprinkles and more chocolate chips. Yes, it was a special occasion indeed!

Happy 11th, Carter, we love you!

See you around town!



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