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Home Depot's Free Kids Workshop

Years ago, a good friend of mine told me about the Free Kids Workshops held at Home Depot. This friend was definitely the resource of all resources. She was a coupon and sale queen, home schooler, and knew all the places in town for a great kid outing. She always seemed to know what was going on, an how to get a good deal on it. Oh Sara, you're such an inspiration!

Since then, in the back of my mind I keep thinking to myself that I ought to find out more about this kids workshop and check it out. Last Friday night, it occurred to me that we didn't have any Saturday plans, and I thought I'd get online and see if I could find anything out. I was literally in bed, and grabbed my phone (thank goodness for smart phones!) and got on Home Depot's website. Sure enough, the Free Kids Workshop is held the first Saturday of every month, come and go, from 9am-12pm.

Sweet! We officially had Saturday plans!

It was one of those mornings. Bickering between the kids, kids sour about having to do their chores, Mommy didn't get enough sleep and cartoons and kids bickering was too loud to have to listen to before coffee was finished. Ugh! But as soon as we walked into the store and found the place for the workshop, all the cranky moods seemed to melt away!

Mr. Buck greeted us, gave us our materials for the project and a few instructions and pointed us to a workspace.

It's pretty fun to look around and see that you're right in the middle of all the construction materials, and your workspace is right on top of pallets of plywood! We may have just been working on a simple, pre-designed savings shed, but it sure made the kids feel like they could build anything!


Are you kidding me? Cool work aprons, and REAL TOOLS?! So cool. Our guys were psyched!

We made sure to read the instructions and figure out what we were supposed to be doing.

Then, we got started. I tell you what, it takes a lot of trust to hold a tiny nail and let your kid hammer it in! I think my heart stopped beating a couple of times. Miraculously, no fingers got smashed, kid or adult!


Alec told me, "Mommy, it's a good thing I wore my Handy Mandy shirt!" Yes, I've tried to correct him and remind him it's Manny, not Mandy, but he must like Mandy better. This shirt is really cute too; it's one of those that makes it look like the kid's head is Handy Manny's!

I digress. Sorry, my kids are cute! Okay, back to the project. It was really super simple, with little holes poked into the materials that made it easy to know where the nails went , and it also made is super easy for the kids to hammer them in.

Roofs on!


Now time to paint and add finishing touches!


And snap a pic of a happy boy!

You can tell Mr. Buck loves his job. He's so friendly, and constantly walks from table to table, making sure people are doing okay and seeing if anyone needs help. And look, there were girls there too - this wasn't just for boys!

One last finishing touch of a sticker door,

then Mr. Buck stamps the bottom so you can write your name and the date on your project!


He gave the kids high fives and made sure they promised to come back next month for the February project.

This is an AMAZING free activity. You get aprons, the project itself, a pin for your apron that shows what project you did, and even a certificate. These were some proud kiddos.

Listen, Moms and Dads, this was a low committment thing, seriously. We weren't there any longer than 45 minutes max, and it was NOT a labor intensive project. It was not a headache to help the kids at all. Better than that, the payoff for what you put into it is awesome. Our kiddos felt so proud and accomplished and had a ton of fun. I hope you'll join us next month!

See you around town!



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