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Bowling at School Spirit Night

I love our kids' school and the School Spirit Night opportunities they provide. Every few weeks, the school cooperates with a local business so that a percentage of the proceeds from that evening go back to your school. Not only is it a great way to support local businesses and your school, but it's an opportunity for the kids to get to see their friends outside of school, and for us to get to know other families!

Last week, Spirit Night was at one of our favorite places for bowling, Broken Arrow Lanes, at 101st and Elm. They had special pricing for games as well as a family meal deal for pizza and soda. The little bees were so excited and begging me to go. That's an easy yes right there!

First, we had to get our shoes. A friend once told me she and her friends had all walked out of a bowling alley in their bowling shoes and wore them to school the next day; I've always thought that would be fun...except for the stealing part! I guess I have a special place in my heart for those two-toned, soft soled kicks!

Then we picked out our balls. Thankfully someone pointed us to where the children's balls were. Although, I wish they had lighter weight balls with bigger finger holes for me!

Each of the boys have their own style. I love it! Aidie goes for the side launch, and Alec likes the ramp. I attempt to throw my ball like a grown-up, but we're ALL thankful for the gutter bumpers!!


Seriously, could these kids be any happier? They are so cute when they run into their friends and you get to see their social styles. Popcorn and pals? Yes, please!

It's also entertaining to watch kids and grown-ups alike as they watch their ball roll down the lane, anticipating all the pins knocked over. Aidan opts for the clenched fists and breath holding.

Alec is just thrilled with every step of the process. He's just happy to get his ball from the ball machine! And that celebration pose? Yeah, I think he knocked down two pins. "Awe, yeah!! I'm Awesome!"


Since I had dinner waiting for us at home, I'd originally just gotten the kids some popcorn to snack on. But we couldn't turn down the generous offer of our school friends who offered us a pizza. How sweet!

Welp, we finished our game. Aidan and I each got one strike, but I will not reveal the scores. I mean, of course I won; I am the most skilled of the three of us and all, but those who bowl for real might not be impressed. It wasn't all that great, even with bumpers, but what matters is that I had so much fun with my boys and was glad to get them out of the house and doing something other than sitting at home watching cartoons!

Since it was a school night, I told them we needed to wrap it up and head home instead of playing in the arcade. Aidan was a little disappointed and dramatic, but Alec was happy to just pretend to play with the shooting game for a few seconds.


If you're heading to Broken Arrow Lanes any time soon, check out their Hot Specials before you make your plans. They have Rock and Bowl, and Late Nite Fun, and discounts every day of the week. They also do a fantastic job with birthday parties! We had my four year old's birthday party there last summer and they made it so easy on us and super fun for the kiddos. It's a clean place with really friendly and helpful staff; you can't help but have a good time with some friendly competition!

See you around town!



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