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Smoke on Cherry Street

Restaurant Review

We love Tulsa, and we love supporting local businesses. We have several favorite local restaurants, and we're finding more and more that many of them are not only locally owned, but support other local farms and coops to purchase food and supplies. Our community is doing an amazing thing for the Tulsa economy by working together to make this city as strong as it's ever been.

Recently, we made our first visits to Local Table, with and without kiddos, and last week to celebrate Small Business Saturday, we ventured over to Midtown to explore Smoke on Cherry Street. It was the perfect way to end our Kid-free Thanksgiving Break with a bang!

Though I'd heard amazing things about the restaurant, I have to be honest; I was expecting maybe a killer juicy burger and wood fired pizza, not the 5 star gourmet experience we had! Not that a killer burger or pizza would have been a disappointment...

In fact, I didn't even have my camera on me, so please forgive the camera phone pics you're about to see. And I don't have an iPhone, so they're not stellar, but considering the emergency food documentation situation we were in, they'll have to do!

Smoke purchases the vast majority of their food and beverages from local sources, and everything, including condiments and pasta, are made in house. The art on the walls? Local. Live entertainment? Local. Cigars in the lounge? Local. All their Oklahoma grown, grass fed beef is hand cut daily by their Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine. And there are daily Chef specials that highlight seasonal selections!

Wine and beer selection? Also filled with local selections.

And you will not believe the gorgeous and creative things you'll see on this menu. Should I apologize now for terrible writing skills in this post? Because all I really want to keep saying is "OMG it was soooooooo good!" And "Seriously, y'all..."

I will definitely have to go back to have a meal of appetizers. Hello Bacon Jam Bruschetta! I would like to eat you up alongside the Crab Stuffed Fried Green Tomatoes, and slather you on top of the Rosemary Flat Bread while chomping on Crispy Quail Legs!!

I swear, I had every intention of snapping a pic of the bread along with this scrumptious herb sprinkled fresh butter...but I seriously got lost in the creamy goodness of it. Three pieces later, licking my fingers, I realized I never did. I'm not really sorry; I was in bread and butter heaven.

Though the appetizers looked really amazing, we decided to just go with salads for our inaugural visit to Smoke. And we were not disappointed in any way.

Marc chose the Roasted Butternut Squash Panzanella. Maytag blue cheese, pickled red onions, and Brussels sprout leaves. The smoked tomato vinaigrette was so fragrant even from across the table. I didn't get a bite of his, and didn't share any of mine, but it must have been good because he inhaled it!

I chose the house salad, which was anything but ordinary. Mixed Organic Greens, Shaved Pecorino, and Croutons with a delicious Sherry Vinaigrette. Simple and absolutely perfect, and I ate every last bite!

For my drink, I was thrilled to try one of the Fall Specialty Cocktails, and opted for the Pomegranate Martini. Marc has been on red kick lately, and selected a Cabernet Sauvignon, and I'm terribly sorry but I don't remember which one it was! I'm sure he could tell you!


And now, for the main event...drum roll please...Entrees!

Behold: Petite Tender Medallions (medium rare, thank you!), with Wild Mushroom Risotto, Hericot Vert (fresh green beans), and a Red Wine Demi-Glace. The beef was amazing. And I've eaten Mahogany, Flemings, and even Cut in Vegas. I'm telling you, this is up there with those, second only to the Bone Marrow Flan I had at Cut. Seriously. I could not get the bites into my mouth fast enough. I had to hold myself back so as to not look uncivilized! I wanted to scoop up the risotto and put it in an ice cream cone, and take home several tubs of it...can I say it now? OMG it was sooooooo good! Seriously!

Marc had the Grilled Quail, with Fingerling Potatoes, Baby Carrots and Rosemary Jus. Have you ever had Quail? Neither had I. I wouldn't mind eating it every day of my life. Alone, on salad, with mashed potatoes, or in an omelet for goodness sake! The smoky, tender, juicy flavor is one unrivaled by any other little bird I've sunk my teeth into!

Needless to say, we made happy plates. Seriously (again, forgive my inability to write well), I was this close to bending down to lick the plate.

As I repeated to myself an encouragement to remain civilized and NOT lick my plate, our dear and wonderful server returned with get this, the latest in dessert presentations!! Eat your heart out, Steve Jobs!

She had us at Bread Pudding. Need I say more?

After seeing the chocolate sauce that came with the chocolate brownie, I had to ask for some on the side. My husband, of course, thought this was practically sacrilegious. I can assure you it was not!

You must, MUST visit Smoke soon. They have live music on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, and I highly recommend one of those times. That's when I'll be visiting next, and I'm not kidding about the display of appetizers I plan on devouring!

What local spot are you visiting next?

See you around town!



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