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Puss in Boots and BFFs

Where do I begin in telling you about my BFF? We met somewhere in the 5th grade, probably in the pre-youth-group youth group at our church, singing Christmas carols with a bunch of unruly pre-adolescent boys (not naming any names...Gerod). Apparently I had the impression we were much closer than she, as I vividly remember driving away in tears one night after she announced to our group of friends she was moving to Austin, TX. I think she said once about that night, "I mean I barely knew you!" Hormones? Drama Queen? Maybe.

Fast forward to her moving back to Tulsa in our sophomore year of high school. I'm not sure when exactly we formally went under the knife, but some time during that year we actually became attached at the hip, and remained that way (minus my spending freshman year of college in Norton, MA) through college. We've been through it all. Cat fights and jealousy, school dances, boyfriends, break-ups, unrequited crushes...did I mention we went to rival high schools? Yeah, senior year our schools played each other for the state football championship, and her team won. I may or may not have met her on the field after the game when she was celebrating with her team and attacked her with devastated sobs on her shoulder. Maybe that drama queen idea isn't too far off...

As long as I can remember, we envisioned our adult lives together just as our formative years were. I'm pretty sure she'd agree that we fully expected to live next door to each other, be pregnant at the same time, have our babies in the same hospital, be stay-at-home mommies together, etc. etc. Well, something like that anyway.

My bestie, her husband, and two children spend much of their lives overseas in their profession; in fact, their one year old was born in France! And due to one or both of us living outside of Tulsa for the past several years, that dream really hasn't been realized. They are in the states now, and I have to admit I think I might be in denial that she will be leaving again soon, and I am drinking up every minute of time we get to spend together before that happens.

I cannot even articulate how exciting it is to see our children play with each other, and love eath other. My children call her aunt, and honestly I think of her children as siblings more than friends. I adore their playdates with each other. Candyland, Disney Channel, ice cream and cupcake dates, and now: Puss in Boots. My littles have been begging to see the movie since the first preview they saw, so when Aunt Megan asked if we wanted to meet her for a matinee on Saturday i gladly accepted!

We went to Starworld near 101st and Memorial, and though it's not as cheap as the dollar theater, this trip was worth every penny! Kids under 4 do get in for free, so Meg's little guy didn't pay.

Budding BFFs? Maybe?

I'm not sure when they'll start realizing they're not actually playing the game until they put money in, but I'll ride the pretend game as long as I can!

We always pick the seats in the row with no seats in front of it (not the front row, you know...the front of the second section of seats...) so there's no seat and head kicking. Could they be any more excited?

I'm glad I have a camera with a "no flash for low lighting, reducing blur" mode so I can catch magic little moments like this.

It was a super cute movie, and the adults may have laughed even more than the kids. We had an appropriate amount of theater popcorn and Halloween candy (brilliant Meg!!) and every kid stayed awake the entire movie. Now that I think of it, I don't think a single child asked to go to the bathroom either! Wow...moment of silence in appreciation of that, please.


The poster says 3D, and though ours wasn't the 3D version, we still loved it. I told the boys to give me their Puss in Boots poses; apparently that's what these are! I think they're stabbing me with their swords? Alec looks like he's surfing...

Sweet memories, sweet friends!

See you around town!



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