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Pumpkin Patches in Review

Happy Halloween TulsaKids readers! I hope you all are having a fantastic Fall, and have had as much fun with festivals and Halloween celebrations as we have. Instead of my usual Mama Monday post, I must catch you up on some of our adventures!

This year we visited two different pumpkin patches, and it's going to be a close call as to which one was our favorite!

The first pumpkin patch we visited was Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch a couple of weeks ago when grandparents and cousins were in town for the wedding.

My littlest was super excited about finding his pumpkin, but we did so much more than just pumpkin hunting!

At Carmichael's you can opt for a pony ride or a camel ride! Or if you're lucky, BOTH!


I think we spent the majority of our time feeding the animals. You can purchase a feed bag for less than a dollar, and feed goats, sheep, llamas, chickens, rabbits and more!

After each child chose a pumpkin to take home for decorating and carving, we had a couple begging to pose for the camera. I don't know where they get it *whistling as if I've never hogged the camera before*!


I tell you what, these are some of the best kids you've ever seen. The first time the cousins have played together in years, and the first time joining the littles!

There is also a cane maze and hay ride, and you must visit the store. Last year we bought some of their amazing fudge, and I'm pretty sure it didn't last 24 hours in our house! There's also a variety of other produce you can bring home for harvest cooking!

Then, we were lucky enough to have a friend who left town for the week that never got around to using a Groupon she'd purchased for Livesay Orchard's Pumpkin Patch in Porter, OK. You know we love adventure and road trips, so we took her up on the offer. Thanks Aunt Megan!

Classic road trip pics: littles asleep in the backseat, and Marc and I clearly more excited (and possibly singing along to R.E.O. Speedwagon) in the front seat!

In the car, I told Marc I wished I knew of an apple orchard in Oklahoma, and that I'd love to go apple picking some time. Duh, we were on our way to an orchard! I'm not sure if they ever let you pick your own apples at Livesay, but you can sure purchase some local fruit from them! Honeybee Mama's going to be making some apple pies this week!

They had a great little market with produce, some home made Amish cheese, butter, cider and dry goods (we bought some tomato basil pasta I can't wait to try), as well as a snack bar where we picnicked on BBQ sandwiches, hot dogs, and fried pies! Hey, we love to eat! After chowing down and cleaning up a BBQ-meets-little-girl's-outfit incident, we headed off for a hayride and picked out the most perfect pumpkin we could find. 

Next up calf ropin' and the hay maze! It only took Corrinne three tries to get it! And since Marc is so tall, he had a bit of an advantage over the rest of us in the maze. He was teasing me for being so short and not being able to spot the way out from the entrance. What a punk!


And last but not least, the Hoppin' Rodeo. Yes, I love my readers enough to post this ridiculous picture of me. Let me tell you, these bouncy horses were absolutely hilarious and a TON of fun. It's a workout for sure hopping along, but I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. I've got to get some for our next house party!

I hope I've posted these early enough that you can still sneak out and visit one of these today before you head out for Trick or Treating tonight! Carmichael's is still open October 31st, and what a great way to kick off Halloween night!

Which pumpkin patches did you visit this year? I'd love to start making my list of adventure to-dos for next year!

See you around town!



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