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Mama Monday - Mom Blog Highlights

Happy Monday, Lovies!

I feel a new energy and ambition this Monday. The last several weeks, after coming down from wedding and honeymoon high, I've felt completely behind and discombobulated with life. My blog has been lean, my house has been less than clean, I've been down to the wire on sewing projects, and just feeling...behind. Don't get me started on feeling like a bad, cranky, impatient, bossy mom.

But today is different. The weekend was different. I got caught up on laundry last Friday before the weekend hit, got a head start on some writing, had a date with my Love, had some super fun outings with the littles and BFFs, and a good night sleep. I woke up early this morning to have my coffee, watch the news and get some work done before the littles crawled into the light, and when they did they gave me the last little push of inspiration I needed.

Aidan, my five year old came out of the room, stretching, and said, "Mom, I had a dream that we had lots of books that taught us how to draw hallor (sp?) monkeys, gorillas, Bigfoot, spider monkeys and all kinds of cool things!" Then Alec, the four year old (in his mix of camo pj bottoms and lego batman pj top) tells me, "Mommy, I had a dream that I got some roller skates. And I was skating in them. In the front yard. I like my roller skates!"

My babies have given me the push to dream today, and I'm reminded of other Moms that are doing it, hanging in there, living, dreaming and reaching. It's time for my Mom Blog Highlights.

In no particular order:

natural parenting center

This is a great blog to read for those that lean towards Attachment Parenting type parenting styles. This mom has been going through a transition in her own views of parenting. It's inspiring how transparent she is with things she's done well and things she needs improvement in. Her post entitled "one whole day" tells about the very first time she spent an entire day apart from her children. It is eye opening for those of us who have, by necessity, had to have help from others to care for our children in order to work outside the home. It's also a good reminder to those who stay at home and work at home full time to be reminded of how healthy it is for us to spend time away from our children.

NieNie Dialogues

If you've never read nienie's blog, I'll just tell you now you need to block off some time, brew a pot of coffee and read. Keep clicking, keep reading. Her story is one of heart wrenching inspiration. I won't spoil it any more for you on that end. Just catch up. Her "11.11.11 post" is a put-a-smile-on-your-face read about how lightly children often take the world.

Posie Gets Cozy

Posie is a knitter and super crafty gal, and is also in the middle of a fantastic adoption journey. In her post called "Cuteness from My People," she shares about her family's culture of making and selling things. More and more, I find myself falling into the category of entrepreneurs. As I move further away from the 8-5 40 hour work week, I find myself more drawn to this lifestyle of finding multiple ways of creating income and sustainability for my family, while pursuing things I love and having the ability to live in the everyday moments and adventure of life.


If you are a crafter, click it. If you are a lover of all things Etsy, click. If you're a thrifter, flea marketer, scrapper, glue-gunner, sewer, or gluer, click it! She's great! In the post I want to highlight, called "another big birthday," Meg shares about making her big 7 year old daughter's birthday special, and reflects on all those things that tug at your heart and make you so thankful for the gift of motherhood.

Writing Out Loud

This mom writes about a little of everything. She's very journal like in her writing and it's refreshing to read thoughts from someone else who's going through the same stuff you are. In this post she shares about how incredibly tough it is raising a little one discovering her own will, about screwing up, about the torment of struggling through discipline, and about the laughter and love that remains even when things aren't perfect.

Be inspired on this Mama Monday, friends! Make it a fresh day, and a new week!

Love and Honey,


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