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Local Restaurant Review

Does anyone else still feel thrown off from "normal life" post Thanksgiving Break? Well, if you do, you're in good company...well, my company anyway!

My husband and I had a Kid-free Thanksgiving Break, and took the opportunity to get caught up on loads of house projects, cleaning, organizing, painting, and baby sling sewing projects for me! Now that the kids are back and work and school are in full swing, I find myself still trying to catch up! Instead of my usual Mama Monday and other weekly posts, I have lots of other adventures to share with you, namely some fantastic local restaurant reviews.

Several weeks ago, after our Fair Trade Saturday outing, we stopped in at Local Table while we were on Brookside. It's a restaurant we've heard great things about and have wanted to try for a while. We had time, and it was lunch time, so we worked it into the schedule!

We weren't completely sure if it was kid friendly, but we only had the Bigs with us, so we figured it was safe.

They started us off with some fantastic house made tortilla chips and fresh salsa. We devoured them in no time! And on the weekends they have a Mexican Brunch special, so I treated myself to a Pomegranite Champagne Cocktail, which was delicious!

The beauty of Local Table's menu is that it's comprised almost exclusively of local, fresh foods. Not only do they support local farms and coops, they even make things like grenadine and syrups for cocktails in house! The menu changes seasonally, and they have weekly specials that highlight seasonal produce.

As it turned out, they had a wonderful kids menu, as you can see from the pictures. Corrinne got the most amazing macaroni and cheese I've ever tasted, with fries on the side. It's no surprise Carter chose cheese pizza (kind of a staple for him), and he said it was the best pizza he'd ever tasted!


We were happy little campers too; isn't my husband cute?!

Marc and I chose off of the brunch menu. I had an amazing roast chicken salad with butternut squash, walnuts and a light vinaigrette. Marc had breakfast tacos with all kinds of yummy things I can't remember. But there were scrambled egs, mexican white cheese and a delisioso tomatillo sauce! I didn't have a chance to taste them he ate so fast (not uncommon for my man)!


We enjoyed it so much, we knew we had to go back for a date night and try more of the menu. They have a $20 Prix Fix menu of 3 courses that is very enticing, as well as a lovely cocktail menu (take note of all the ingredients made in house!).

I chose the "Jack Rose" cocktail, and Marc had is usual White Russian. Although he usually is not impressed with them when made by anyone other than himself, he said the one he had at Local Table was the best he's had! Very impressive indeed! We also chose the Goat cheese flatbread with sun-dried tomatoes, basil and pine nuts off of the Spring-Fall 2011 Menu as an appetizer. God forbid I leave out the tasty bread with fresh butter we munched on before the flatbread came out. It was so good, and we ate it so fast I forgot to get a picture of it. We might have been a little hungry!

While we awaited our entrees, I noticed a phone on the bar I would desperately love to have in my home. How cool is this Incredibles phone?! We don't even have a landline at home, and I'm not sure where they got it, but in my opinion this is just one of many signs the owners of this place are wicked cool.

Oh sweet dinner! Marc decided on the hazelnut and butternut squash lasagne. It had so many layers of interesting and fresh flavors, and was cooked to perfection.

I had a house favorite, the cajun meatloaf, with that wonderful home made macaroni and cheese on the side. You have not tasted meatloaf until you've tasted THIS meatloaf. I couldn't eat it fast enough. It was light and juicy and so full of flavor. It took all of me to save a bite for Marc!

When you're having a cullinary experience like this you can NOT say no to dessert. I saw "Chocolate Pot de Creme," and asked our server what it was. Before she answered, Marc cut her off saying, "Don't answer that. That's what she wants." And. It. Was. Oh my. It was like...like...the creamiest, chocolatey-est, smoothest, richest, fluffiest little pot of love I've ever laid my lips on. It definitely needed coffee to accompany, and definitely was the best and only way to top of such an incredible meal!

As if there aren't already a million wonderful things to say about this restaurant, you wouldn't believe how reasonable the prices are. The prices are comparable to Chili's and Cheddars, and for much fresher and gourmet fare. For what you get, you can't beat the price for this experience!

Take your family, take your love and enjoy this local treasure.

See you around town!



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