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Fair Trade First Saturday

Last Saturday was a busy one for our family. It was a gorgeous day, and we found ourselves wanting to get out and do it all! We started the day with a yummy pancake and bacon breakfast, made lovingly by my husband, Marc and step-daughter, Corrinne. Once our bellies were full, we packed up and hit the ground running!

First stop was Corrinne's gymnastics class, and on the way I opened my TK Going Places guide to see if I'd marked any interesting activities for the 5th. Sure enough, I saw it was the day for the "Fair Trade First Saturday." The description reads, "Unique gifts, jewelry, houseware, scarves, toys, chocolate, coffee & more. Support artisans in developing countries." I love art and handmade items and am fascinated by other cultures, especially when there is an opportunity to support humanitarian endeavors. If that's not enough to entice you to stop in for a visit, I don't know what is! Except...maybe this blog!

Southminster Presbyterian Church is located at 3500 S. Peoria, directly across the street from Doc's Wine and Food in the heart of Brookside.

Eat your heart out with the handmade sign! This is my kind of place!

The directions note to enter the church through the garden entrance on the north side of the building. Have you ever noticed that churches seem to have some of the most lovely gardens and courtyards? I'd love the entrance to my home to look like this!

When we walked in the building, we could hear people visiting in the hallway ahead of us, just barely turned the corner and knew we were in the right place. In front of the doorway, there was a display of lovely, colorful scarves to lead the way. Inside was an eclectic mix of all kinds of household decor and gifts. I adored that jade colored tea set on the top shelf; I just have no place in my kitchen to display it (Santa, please bring me a china cabinet)! And I was so close to snatching up those throw pillows with "my colors" on them.


Then I saw the Christmas tree full of ornaments and told Marc we should start a tradition of choosing special ornaments for our tree. He loved the idea, and we began looking at each one trying to decide which one we liked best. Almost simultaneously, we noticed a pair of birds and we both looked at each other with surprised and excited expressions, as if to say, "This is the one!" We had a bit of a love bird theme at our wedding in October; it was too cute of a coincidence to pass up! They were hand carved and painted in Indonesia and so perfect.

Then, we saw a darling little mitten garland, and realized how scarce our holiday decorations are, and snatched it up. It was knitted in Nepal, and an insert in the package reads, "Knitting provides an income for girls who have to finance their own schooling and to married women kept at home while caring for young children." We so take for granted free public education in our country; can you imagine having to take on a job as a child to pay for your own education? I am thrilled to take a small part in helping these young women acheive an education and I'll be reminded every time I hang it up to decorate for Christmas!

The kids found some darling toys as well. How sweet are those little bunnies in their carrot that Corrinne the animal lover found? They each have different eyes, and all zip up into that bright and yummy looking carrot. And leave it to Carter to find something equally as fitting to his personality. This is the kid that showed up for HallowMarine as an Angry Bird and had us cracking up all evening!


There's plenty of information posted in the shop about fair trade so you can share with your children and family about ethical purchases and trade practices. There are also brochures and catalogues available if you want to see more from the places they order from for the store. 

Coincidentally, Cindy Webb, writer for Tulsa Kids was running the store, who I'd never met! I love reading her articles, and have to admit I felt my cheeks get a little hot and must have been a little star struck when I realized it was her! Then Betty Casey popped in and it was like a Tulsa Kids reunion! We visited about the store and how they stock it, and Cindy informed us that they get most of their items from an organization called SERRV International. Please visit their website, and stop into the shop on the first Saturday next month. It is the perfect place to go for Christmas and holiday gifts this year. You'll know you are doing more good through your giftgiving!

See you around town!



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