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Brewburger Book Club

I've attempted to be part of book clubs before.

Book Club #1: My name was drawn as the first to choose our book for the first month and host the group the following month. I did not finish the book, but facilitated a great conversation about it (yeah right)! Remember that group, Lana? I honestly can't tell you what happened after that. I think they continued to meet, but I never went to another meeting. Granted I was on bed rest during a rather traumatic pregnancy and my life was a whirlwind for a few years after that.

Book Club #2: Our first book was The Secret Garden. Pretty sure I didn't finish that one either, though I rreeeaaally wanted to. It was a LOVELY group of women and we had a very cool conversation about the book. And I can't tell you what happened after that. I have no idea what the next book was, whether or not they continued to meet, though I know for a fact the organizer moved to France shortly thereafter.

So, here we go with Book Club #3. I'm crossing my fingers I'm a better member this time. Here's the deal. I love reading, but I also have adopted a philosophy of life that I've got to ride the train that's going at the moment. And I have children and all the excuses for productivity that come with them. There are seasons of my life where I might read three or four novels back to back, and other seasons where I'm in the MIDDLE of three or four books for several months. But, if you know anything about me (and if you've been reading my blogs for any amount of time you do), you know that I don't let those things deter me from doing the things I love or fitting new things onto my plate.

There are a couple of great things about the invite to the Brewburger Book Club that drew me. #1: Brewburger. This is not the first, nor will it be the last that I praise Brewburger. Fantastic food, family friendly, locally owned and supporter of all things Tulsa. My kids love the place and request it more than McD's. Really. #2: It seemed that the group would be really casual and open to the group being, well, whatever it would become!

The kids and I arrived a few minutes late, but no one seemed to mind. Anything I'd missed they caught me up on, and we all sat and visited, munched, sipped, laughed and managed kiddos (I wasn't the only one who brought some with me). One of the stipulations of THIS book club was to bring a book (or books) to share and trade along with you.

We all agreed the selection was pretty random. Everything from romance novels, to self-help (I think that top book there had my name on it, but somehow it went home with someone else), to children's books. There was even a mini New Testament! I dropped my copy of Little Bee (which is an outstanding read) on the pile and got back to the table.

Little man was begging me to take pictures of him, so Lydia (Brewburger owner extraordinaire) snapped one of the two of us. Can't beat littles who love to snuggle on your lap!

This is the one that asks several times a week if we can go to Brewburger. He LOVES Brewster the Rooster.

While the Club began working on a list of monthly themes for our reading, the kiddos began a game of Chess (which works nothing like real Chess - it's some cousin of Checkers they've invented).

Alec wasn't impressed with Chess, so he found himself some crayons and a coloring book (and a private table) to work on some artwork. Lydia told me later she had informed him that she hangs local art on the wall for everyone to see, so he wanted to add to the collection. Go ahead, say it with me, "aaaawwwwweeee!" Very sweet. He worked very hard on a colorful picture of Mickey Mouse, which he's also been trying very hard to sing and spell as of late.

Back to the Book Club. We got to know each other a bit, talked about the genres of books we enjoy reading, and decided we need t-shirts to be a "real" club. What is it about us that even as adults we want to belong to something? Don't you feel cooler knowing you're in a club? I do. I invented the clubs in my neighborhood as a kid just so I could be president of them. True story. Great thing about this one is it's open to all, and we left room for more to join in the future. There will be a theme for each month. That way even if you haven't read the book everyone else did the previous month, you can still bring a book within that theme to share with others, and jump in the next month. I like it! Plus we're promoting sharing and recycling titles instead of paying high retail prices!

We wrapped up our meeting and all went to the goodie table to see what we could take home.

There's Miss Lydia herself showing off one of the children's titles she had brought.

She also was gracious enough to act as Secretary and take notes of our monthly theme ideas. You may not be able to tell, but for the month of February we chose "Amish Romance" as our theme. Apparently this is a significant category; who knew?!

The Brewburger Book Club looks to be a lighthearted group of people with a sense of humor and a desire to branch out in our reading ventures. We also share a love of great food! I look forward to reading something suspenseful and frightening for the month of October. I never choose those kinds of books, so I'm glad to have encouragement to try something new, and have some great folks to debrief about the experience afterwards.

Lastly, I love when I find activities that engage MY mind and enrich my life where my kids are also welcome . Don't get me wrong, I love cartoon movies and kiddie rides as much as the next guy, but sometimes I need my own club to be a part of. I also don't always have the luxury of going places without them. I didn't share with you earlier, but on the way to Brewburger, we stopped off at the library (you know we heart our library) so the kids could load up on some books and read on their own while I enjoyed book talk with grown-ups. Along with the board games they borrowed from the restaurant, they did sit and read to pass the time. It was a great night, and I look forward to the next meeting!

Are you going to be there? I hope you will.

See you around town!



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