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Bass Pro Shops - Santa and So Much More

Oh my goodness! What a whirlwind of a holiday season. Have you guys survived? I think I survived just by the skin of my teeth. If you follow my personal blog at all, you know I've suffered from Holiday Spirit Fatigue a bit this year and if it weren't for the pictures I snapped, I'm not sure I'd believe we actually celebrated anything! One thing we've made sure to do the last few years, is  visit Santa. After our trip to Steve's Sundry to work on our letters to him, we made the trek to one of our favorite places to spend time as a family, with or without Santa: Bass Pro Shop's Outdoor World! The fantastic thing about Bass Pro Shops around the holidays is they offer FREE pictures with Santa, but that is simply one thing on the long list of...

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Mama Monday - I Just Want to Be a Good Mom

It's Monday. This particular Monday is the day after Christmas. All my kids are off to spend the second half of their holiday break with the other parents, my husband has left town for the week on business, and I'm left here. To work, to rest, to clean up the Christmas carnage, and (as it inevitably happens in the quiet that accompanies the lack of little ones) to think. You know what I'm thinking about? I'm thinking I just want to be a good mom. A happy mom. A mom whose kids behave well and are happy, healthy and successful. I'm thinking about all the times in the last week where I lost my cool, barked out orders, and (in my mind) ruined an entire road trip and holiday for our kids. Now, I know I didn't completely ruin Christmas or any other day for...

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Steve's Sundry

The other day, I was gearing up to take the littles to see Santa, and was trying to think of the perfect place for us to go for an after school treat and sit to write Santa letters. I wanted something a little more special than the usual drive-in, but not the three ring circus of a restaurant. I thought of the perfect place, somewhere I haven't been since childhood and has just what I was looking for: Steve's Sundry near 21st and Harvard. Steve's is family owned and operated and has offered the largest selection of magazines, any book you need, and an old fashioned soda fountain since 1947. There's just something about preparing for the holidays that begs for a little bit of history and old fashioned goodies! I love this sign in the window:...

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Mama Monday - Nutrition in Pregnancy Pt. 3

Happy Monday, Lovies! I'm writing today from sunny Florida where we are visiting family for the holidays. I hope you all are well and not too frazzled with shopping and feast preparing! Today, for Mama Monday, I'm going to wrap up my series on nutrition in pregnancy. I've recently shared about the importance of adequate protein and water consumption, being discerning when it comes to sugars and carbohydrates, and today I'll discuss a few key vitamins that are essential in pregnancy. While there are several important vitamins you should incorporate into your pregnancy diet, I'm going to focus on ones I think are particularly important or you may not be aware of. I'll also point out some power packed foods that will cross several vitamins off your list...

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Mama Monday - Nutrition in Pregnancy Pt. 2

Happy Monday, Lovies! I hope yours is off to a good start. Mine is full of list making and crossing things off. Our Christmas shopping season is in serious crunch time, compounded by kids' activities, Christmas parties and performances, not to mention home and work that needs to be juggled as well. Cheers to being a work-at-home-mom! Last Mama Monday, I began a discussion about nutrition in pregnancy covering protein and water, two essential nutrients. This week, I'm going to discuss sugar and carbohydrates. 1. Sugar. Let's just get the hard one over with, shall we? If you don't yet know that sugar is NOT your best friend, allow me to let you in on a little secret: Sugar is NOT your best friend! I know, I love it, you love it, we all love our sweets, and...

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Mama Monday - Nutrition in Pregnancy Pt. 1

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was pretty uneventful, and I have to say it was refreshing. Sometimes you need a weekend free from any set plans or honey-do lists! For Mama Monday this week I'd like to share some pointers about nutrition in pregnancy. Since motherhood really begins with pregnancy, we begin early on in caring for our children and making sure they have all they need long before childbirth. As a Tulsa doula, I am not a medical expert or nutritionist, so I encourage you to discuss any nutritional advice with your health care provider. What I will focus on are a few of the most important things expectant mothers should keep in mind that will keep you and your baby health, as well as help you feel the very best during...

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Smoke on Cherry Street

We love Tulsa, and we love supporting local businesses. We have several favorite local restaurants, and we're finding more and more that many of them are not only locally owned, but support other local farms and coops to purchase food and supplies. Our community is doing an amazing thing for the Tulsa economy by working together to make this city as strong as it's ever been. Recently, we made our first visits to Local Table, with and without kiddos, and last week to celebrate Small Business Saturday, we ventured over to Midtown to explore Smoke on Cherry Street. It was the perfect way to end our Kid-free Thanksgiving Break with a bang! Though I'd heard amazing things about the restaurant, I have to be honest; I was expecting maybe a killer juicy...

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Local Table

Does anyone else still feel thrown off from "normal life" post Thanksgiving Break? Well, if you do, you're in good company...well, my company anyway! My husband and I had a Kid-free Thanksgiving Break, and took the opportunity to get caught up on loads of house projects, cleaning, organizing, painting, and baby sling sewing projects for me! Now that the kids are back and work and school are in full swing, I find myself still trying to catch up! Instead of my usual Mama Monday and other weekly posts, I have lots of other adventures to share with you, namely some fantastic local restaurant reviews. Several weeks ago, after our Fair Trade Saturday outing, we stopped in at Local Table while we were on Brookside. It's a restaurant we've heard great things...

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Mama Monday - The Twihard Saga

As promised, here's my Mama Monday post, arriving on Tuesday. I'm posting late because the activity I wanted to write about happened yesterday evening: three moms going out on the town to watch the latest installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part I. Yep, along with oh so many ladies in their mid twenties and thirties, I am engrossed with Bella, Edward, Jacob, the werewolves and the Volturi. So are my two best friends. In fact, I started reading them because one of them brought the first book, Twilight, to work one day so I could see if I liked it. I think I completed the book in about three days. And that was as a single mom with two kids under the age of three and a full time job! So what if it's technically found in the Young Adult section of the...

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Loops and Learning to Knit

Are you artsy fartsy? Do you love crafting, scrapbooking, sewing and making things? If you're looking for a new project, or even a new activity to try with one of your little ones, you may enjoy the pasttime that is quickly gaining in popularity: knitting! You all may know I enjoy sewing simple projects and baby slings, anything with straight lines really. I've thought for some time I might enjoy knitting. My Nana taught me to crochet when I was younger (way younger now that I think about it), though I don't really remember how to do it. I figured it can't be any harder than that, and it would be nice to have a basket of projects I could pick up and put down any time, and work on in the evenings while the kids are playing and watching TV. So, when one of my very...

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Tulsa Youth Symphony

Tulsa Youth Symphony has provided a truly unique artistic experience for Tulsa youth since 1963. Now celebrating its 49th season, the group boasts over 150 gifted students from throughout Northeastern Oklahoma. Not only do the children receive specialized instruction from professionals and rigorous training, but they also have the opportunity to perform in several informal and formal performances throughout the year. Last Sunday, October 13th, Tulsa Youth Symphony held their Children's Concert in the John H. Williams Theatre of the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, downtown. Get this: it was free! How great is that? Though I had a feeling we wouldn't be thrown out for dressing too casual, I take every opportunity I can to coerce my boys to wear "handsome"...

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Puss in Boots and BFFs

Where do I begin in telling you about my BFF? We met somewhere in the 5th grade, probably in the pre-youth-group youth group at our church, singing Christmas carols with a bunch of unruly pre-adolescent boys (not naming any names...Gerod). Apparently I had the impression we were much closer than she, as I vividly remember driving away in tears one night after she announced to our group of friends she was moving to Austin, TX. I think she said once about that night, "I mean I barely knew you!" Hormones? Drama Queen? Maybe. Fast forward to her moving back to Tulsa in our sophomore year of high school. I'm not sure when exactly we formally went under the knife, but some time during that year we actually became attached at the hip, and remained that way (minus my...

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Mama Monday - Mom Blog Highlights

Happy Monday, Lovies! I feel a new energy and ambition this Monday. The last several weeks, after coming down from wedding and honeymoon high, I've felt completely behind and discombobulated with life. My blog has been lean, my house has been less than clean, I've been down to the wire on sewing projects, and just feeling...behind. Don't get me started on feeling like a bad, cranky, impatient, bossy mom. But today is different. The weekend was different. I got caught up on laundry last Friday before the weekend hit, got a head start on some writing, had a date with my Love, had some super fun outings with the littles and BFFs, and a good night sleep. I woke up early this morning to have my coffee, watch the news and get some work done before the littles crawled...

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Family Bike Ride on Riverside

Fall has got to be my favorite season. The grass is still green, flowers are still in bloom, yet the weather is cooler and there is a freshness in the air. To top it all off, trees are losing their leaves in such a colorful and breathtaking way. As the weekends go by, all I keep thinking about is ways to get us out and about to enjoy the amazing sights and temperatures! Something we've (mostly myself I'm sure) wanted to do as a family for a while now is rent bikes and ride down Riverside. It's something I remember doing a handful of times as a kid and something I've wanted my own kids to experience. We just haven't been able to find the right day to squeeze it in, until last weekend! We had intended to make the excursion happen on Saturday, but after a full...

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Fair Trade First Saturday

Last Saturday was a busy one for our family. It was a gorgeous day, and we found ourselves wanting to get out and do it all! We started the day with a yummy pancake and bacon breakfast, made lovingly by my husband, Marc and step-daughter, Corrinne. Once our bellies were full, we packed up and hit the ground running! First stop was Corrinne's gymnastics class, and on the way I opened my TK Going Places guide to see if I'd marked any interesting activities for the 5th. Sure enough, I saw it was the day for the "Fair Trade First Saturday." The description reads, "Unique gifts, jewelry, houseware, scarves, toys, chocolate, coffee & more. Support artisans in developing countries." I love art and handmade items and am fascinated by other cultures,...

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The Spark

It's Monday Lovies, and if you're like me you've been awake since some time before 3am when a little one was ushered back to his bed after being comforted during a thunderstorm and hubalicious left disgustingly early for work. After trying to no avail to fall back asleep, I finally decided to brew some coffee, switch some laundry over and get a head start on Mama Monday! Something that's on my heart to share today has to do with my own fears as a mother and how I hope they've guided me to make some good choices for my kids. It all has to do with that spark, that little glimmer of life, hope and adventure we see in children before they are damaged and disillusioned by the disappointments of our world. It's the shimmer in their eyes when they see a...

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Trick or Treating in Review - Pt 2 HallowMarine

To complete the Honeybee Mama 2011 Halloween Adventures, I've got to share with you all our HallowMarine expedition! We have had quite a Halloween Celebration this year, with two pumpkin patches, a costume party at dance class, HallowZOOeen and trick-or-treating with cousins at Mimi's house. The icing on the cake was HallowMarine at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks. Upon our arrival, we were soon greeted with party pic opportunities with pumpkins and pirates!   After groovin' and break dancin' with the Dracula DJ and the Party Pirate, we got to the sweet part of the event: CANDY! Volunteers from a variety of local businesses and non-profits were dressed up at their booths handing out tons of treats. It was really cool to learn about some local...

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Trick or Treating in Review - Pt. 1 HallowZOOeen

Our Halloween celebrations were rich and many this year. We visited two pumpkin patches, and the boys got to dress up and wear their costumes on three different occasions! The first dress up occasion was for a performance and party at dance class, then we visited HallowZOOeen for the first time ever! HallowZOOeen is a trick-or-treating event held at the Tulsa Zoo each year. Tickets for anyone over the age of 1 are $8.00 and it's well worth the price! Here are the littles, all dressed up and ready to peddle for candy (even if it was raining and chilly that night!). My five year old was the stealthiest ninja you've ever seen, and the little man was and intimidating and powerful clone trooper. I couldn't help but to get a close-up shot of his little nose pressed...

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Pumpkin Patches in Review

Happy Halloween TulsaKids readers! I hope you all are having a fantastic Fall, and have had as much fun with festivals and Halloween celebrations as we have. Instead of my usual Mama Monday post, I must catch you up on some of our adventures! This year we visited two different pumpkin patches, and it's going to be a close call as to which one was our favorite! The first pumpkin patch we visited was Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch a couple of weeks ago when grandparents and cousins were in town for the wedding. My littlest was super excited about finding his pumpkin, but we did so much more than just pumpkin hunting! At Carmichael's you can opt for a pony ride or a camel ride! Or if you're lucky, BOTH!   I think we spent the majority of...

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Tulsa Tells Our Story

If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you know I love Tulsa and I love supporting local businesses. That's not new news. What IS new news is that I married the man of my dreams on Sunday, October 16th, and I want to tell you our story! It may seem strange to say that a city is part of our story of falling in love but it is. Something Marc and I have in common is the fact that we love adventure, whether it's a trip across the country or just getting out and finding fun things to do with our kids. We love trying new restaurants and veering off the side of the road when something interesting catches our eyes. I have never experienced more of this city than I have in the last year and a half; I finally found someone to explore it with me! We first met...

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Mama Monday - Considering Natural Childbirth

This week for Mama Monday, I would like to share some information with expectant families who are considering a natural birth. There is plenty of education available to help you make informed decisions about your birth, and I would like to highlight some of my favorite resources. As a birth doula, I am an advocate for women rather than a proponent of any method of birth. My passion is for women and their partners to feel informed and empowered in childbirth, thus eliminating confusion and fear associated with this life changing experience. Natural childbirth can sometimes be a misleading term. Some people use it simply to refer to a vaginal birth rather than cesarean whether or not pain medications are in play. However, most think of natural childbirth as one free from pain...

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Mama Monday - Suspending Judgement

Several components of this Mama Monday post have been stirring in different parts of my heart and brain for a very long time now, but I just wasn't sure how they were all going to come together, or when exactly the right time would be to slap them up on the Internet! Reading this post from Natural Parenting Center brought it all together for me. Please take a moment when you can and read it; it's fantastic. I studied Elementary Education in college. Got my degree and certification, though I've yet to have my own classroom (interesting how life's turns guide us isn't it?). In my first Social Studies course, I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life; it was eye opening then in my academic education and has only served to deepen over the years as I...

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Fair or Carnival?

Confession: I have yet to take my kids to the fair. There. I said it. Usually I'm the kind of mom who is brave enough to tackle any outing with my kids, even as the only adult, and am more than willing to pile up more children to come along. My motto: Expect the worst so it feels like a huge success when only one or two things go right! But I'm afraid of the fair. There are SO many people, so many overpriced games that my kids probably aren't able to play anyway, and it's dirty. I'm afraid of my kids getting lost or just being sorely disappointed they can't have and do everything, while their eyes are hearts are hyped up by all the lights. I'm sure it's not nearly as bad as I think it will be, and of course there are the animals and quilts and...

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Mama Monday - The Little Things

I'm a little late in posting this Mama Monday, but I figure if I'm just now getting a moment to write it, there are plenty other mamas getting their first breath of oxygen for the day that might need to read it! This post is inspired by my little munchies, and makes me think of my own mama. The theme has been swirling in my head and heart the last few days, and is still taking form even now as I write. You know what things I remember fondly from my childhood? It wasn't getting the Barbie Dream House of my dreams, the pink Power Wheels, or Kid Sister for my birthdays. No, I never got any of those things, though I wanted them ever so desperately. It wasn't the Disney vacations and family trips to Europe...those didn't happen either. In fact, I don't...

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Brewburger Book Club

I've attempted to be part of book clubs before. Book Club #1: My name was drawn as the first to choose our book for the first month and host the group the following month. I did not finish the book, but facilitated a great conversation about it (yeah right)! Remember that group, Lana? I honestly can't tell you what happened after that. I think they continued to meet, but I never went to another meeting. Granted I was on bed rest during a rather traumatic pregnancy and my life was a whirlwind for a few years after that. Book Club #2: Our first book was The Secret Garden. Pretty sure I didn't finish that one either, though I rreeeaaally wanted to. It was a LOVELY group of women and we had a very cool conversation about the book. And I can't tell you what...

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Exploring Extracurriculars - Dance Class

Extracurricular activities are new to me as a mom. My littles are just now 4 and 5, and we are just on the brink of exploring their interests. Last year, my five year old participated in Amazing Athletes, which is a fantastic program, and he loved it. The program exposes kids to several different sports in a fun and positive environment. I will probably enroll my youngest in the Spring. What I'm most concerned about while my boys are so young is exposing them to as many different opportunities as possible so they can get a feel for what they're really interested in. Also, I mainly want them to have fun while learning new skills. Since neither of them seem particularly drawn to one sport yet, I didn't want to commit to massive amounts of expensive gear, and...

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Mama Monday - Doulas for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Happy Monday Lovies! For this Mama Monday, I'd like to share about something near and dear to my heart: Doulas. Do-what? When people ask what I do for a living, I often have to answer this question, "Do-what?" or "What's a DOO-lah?" While the term doula may be foreign to many, the role of a doula is not. Doula comes from an ancient Greek word which means "woman's servant," and now describes a trained and experienced professional who gives continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a woman during pregnancy and throughout the birthing process, or practical support in postpartum period. Often a mother has people available to give moral support during labor, whether it is her own mother, husband, friend, or...

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We Heart Our Library

I hadn't originally intended on doing two posts about libraries this week, but that's just the way the cookie crumbled! Last week, we had a regular stop in, keeping minds busy between school and dinner (and taking back some seriously overdue books), and then earlier this week we attended the Stuffed-Animal Sleepover which was oh so much fun! Hardesty Regional Library is a beautiful facility. The entryway is grand and inviting, with a clever sailboat sculpture that just reminds me of adventure and imagination. We always seem to make friends at the library too. Don't you find that when visiting kids museums and educational places with your family? It's like listening to NPR to me; I just feel smarter when listening and know I'm...

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Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Last Friday, while all the offspring were at school, I was able to carve out a couple of hours all to myself to sit at Starbucks and read. Though I brough a couple of library books with me I've been anxious to dig into, I first scoured through the latest issue of TulsaKids to see what's going on around town. I like to look at the list at the beginning of the month (or middle as it seems this time around) and mark the activities I hope to check out. True to my eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach personality, I often mark way more than we can possibly fit in to our already busy schedule, but I keep my hopes high. One thing I knew I wanted to make time for was the Stuffed-Animal Sleepover. Show up for story time in your pajamas, leave your stuffed friend overnight, and come back...

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All Star Sports - Part 2

After our super fun batting cage adventure, we decided to go ahead and opt in for mini-golf while we were at All Star Sports last weekend. Their golf course is cleverly called Gilligan's Island. I'm sure I remember attending with my youth group in Jr. High, and it may have been that long since I've played miniature golf. I was actually pretty excited! Here we go, off to Gilligan's Island! Hole #1. Hate me if you want, but I just couldn't pass up this shot. I know, I know, he'll kill me when I show his girlfriend some day! Mr. Marc just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off his golf pose too! Yes, please roll your eyes at the man I'm marrying in a month. Isn't he cute, though? Even though it's...

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All Star Sports Complex - Part 1

Last Saturday, the littles were with their dad, so Marc and I had the bigs all to ourselves. I had gotten up and out of the house early to meet with a doula client and left them all in their pjs to enjoy the morning. After I wrapped up my meeting, I swung by a couple of my favorite shops on Main Street in Broken Arrow (Sewflakes for sling materials and On the Corner for cupcakes), and headed back to the house.As I unloaded my goodies, much to the delight of three cupcake lovers, I asked everyone, "What do you guys wanna do today? It's a gorgeous day; we should get outside and do something fun!" Carter (who looked like he was absorbed in playing Kirby on the Wii and not listening) said nonchalently, "We could go to the batting cages," and went right back to playing...

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The Ray Harral Nature Center

Living in south Broken Arrow, my littles attend Spring Creek Elementary School. Right at the corner of 3rd and Tucson (121st St.), when you turn onto the street where the school sits, there is this sign: And if you follow that road right on past the school, a lovely adventure at Ray Harral Nature Park awaits! Since the first day of school, I have dropped off the boys, and picked them up looking down that road to the nature park daydreaming about the adventures we could have back there. Oh, how life gets in the way! Finally, last Thursday when Alec and I picked up Aidan from school, it occurred to me that we didn't have anything we had to run off to do! I was wearing flip flops and did not have a proper camera, or any other gear for that matter, but adventure was calling!...

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Movies on a Budget

 Have you ever tried to go to the movies with your littles and ended up leaving feeling frustrated about how much the ordeal cost and how little of the movie you actually saw? My answer: the dollar movies!I’m going to totally date myself here, but I have fond memories of Movies 8. Remember the days before stadium style seating? Remember your parents dropping you off at the movie theater and you promising to call on the payphone as soon as the movie ended for them to come pick you up? Anyone else go over to Fun House for just a FEW games before calling your parents? Not that I would have ever done something so irresponsible (hi Mom!)...Movies 8 is now a dollar theater ($1.75 actually) off of Memorial between 61st and 71st. It’s right across from Woodland Hills Mall...

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Fine Art with Kids

 When imagining the words “art and children” inhabiting the same sentence, most people probably envision smocks, finger paints, and paste. Honestly most would probably imagine most of the paste being in the MOUTHS of children before they would really equate any of it with true art. They also likely would not include the adjective “fine” in conjunction with the term “art.”I am a huge proponent of the arts in all forms. As a child and teen I was involved in dance, choir, after school art classes, acting, and competitive speech. I may be a bit partial, but I believe the arts are not only ways of expressing ourselves, but ways of understanding our world and others’ perceptions of it that we may not have seen otherwise. There are many non-profit...

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Fishin’ in the City

 Confession: I am not a fisherperson. I had literally never, in my 30 years done it until recently. In fact, I have never been particularly interested in the sport: sitting, waiting, having to be QUIET. Most who know me know I don’t really “do” quiet. I’m not really interested in golf much either (unless it’s mini-golf); there might be a connection there. I digress… I’m such a non-fisherperson that my boys asked for Sponge Bob fishing rods for Christmas of 2009, and they are definitely still in their packages, though they’ve begged on many occasions to go. Bad Mom award goes to me for sure, but in my defense, I don’t know the first thing about fishing! Worms? Gross. Pulling the hook out of the fish? No, thank...

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