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April 25, 2015

Honeybee Mama

Life is what you make of it; make honey.
A Blog About Pizza...Sort Of...


A Blog About Pizza...Sort Of...

"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world." - Maria Montessori   Recently, I was sitting in a Pizza Hut waiting for our to-go order of my son's personal pan pizza (which he was rewarded for a reading program), and I got to thinking about blogs I needed to write. I wanted some fresh ideas, so I asked my nine-year-old for some input. Here's how the conversation went:   Me: "What do you think I should write a blog about?"    Aidan: "Pizza."   Me: "What about pizza?"   Aidan: "You know, how you make it, what's in it, where you get it. Stuff like that."   Me: "You seem to have a lot of good ideas about this. Would you...

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Do you really need to spend so much time with your kids?


Do you really need to spend so much time with your kids?

I tell you what, I've been struggling as a mom lately. I've been struggling as a person. My small business has been booming and growing and I've been trying to keep up with the changes in my personal and public life. In the midst of rebranding, expanding the kinds of services I offer, writing two books and launching a training program, I've been feeling incredibly guilty for not spending as much time as possible with my kids.  More Time With Kids Detrimental? Yesterday, I saw this bit on the Today Show, which referenced a study mentioned in a Washington Post article about the amount of time mothers spend with their kids. As it turns out, the study shows that there is absolutely NO relationship between the amount of time mothers spend with their children...

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Do you have a community?


Do you have a community?

No one will argue that the job of a mother is challenging. Any of us who proudly wear the title of Mommy will agree that motherhood is the most difficult job we've ever had. Most people make sure to follow up that statement with, "but it's SO rewarding," but I'm not going to do that today. I don't need to reassure myself of how rewarding motherhood is to make myself feel better for being honest about the difficulty. What I am going to talk about is how isolated mothers of young children are and how they don't have to be.     You were never meant to be alone.   Historically, families lived in close quarters. Before the 20th Century, families lived among extended family, either in the very same household or geographically...

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"What's it like to not have kids?"


"What's it like to not have kids?"

"So, what's it like to not have kids?"   No, this is not the question I ask to singletons or kid-less marrieds. This is the question people ask me when all my kids are gone. This is the question asked by my friends who are blessed with lovely little people, desperately wanting a break from the stress of parenthood, looking at me with wonder and amazement of the gift I've been given by being a divorced parent.    As a divorced parent, I share my children with another person and so does my husband. We have a blended family, so there are periodically times when we have these two or those two and every now and then we have none! That's what this Spring Break was for us: completely kidless. You'd think that would be like a vacation...

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Mommy's Night Out!


Mommy's Night Out!

I have been wanting to go to Pinot's Palette for a very long time now, and FINALLY had my chance last Saturday night! Joining with my fellow doulas from Tulsa Family Doulas, we had a Mommy's Night Out for the record books.    Pinot's Palette has three locations in the Tulsa area and offers social painting class experiences. Once you register for your class online, you just show up ready to learn and play. Everything from the canvas, to the paint, to the brushes are all set up for you ahead of time.      They have aprons available for you so you don't get paint on your cute outfit.     Devon and I got our aprons on and were ready to go!      There is a bar...

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