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March 1, 2015

Honeybee Mama

Life is what you make of it; make honey.
New Birth Traditions for Tulsa Families


New Birth Traditions for Tulsa Families

I was recently invited to a friend’s Mother’s Blessing. Have you heard of this new trend in baby shower alternatives? To quote her invitation: “We are gathering in a beautiful and unique way to honor [the mother], spend time with her, share stories, and to instill confidence and excitement as she enters into motherhood a fourth time. This ceremony is different than a baby shower as it honors the mother's rite of passage and focuses on gathering strength for the birth.” It got me thinking, what are some of the other new birth traditions popping up and trending right now? Are there alternatives to baby showers with awkward games where you have to taste baby foods blind folded or put in your bid for the baby’s weight? It turns out, there...

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Valentine's Day in B.A.


Valentine's Day in B.A.

Well, I'm a little late in posting my Valentine's Day adventures, but I've decided that's a good thing. It's a good thing because love should be celebrated all year 'round. So, if you didn't have a date with your someone special or with your kiddos, I say it's NEVER too late!   Valentine's Day began with a special breakfast in our house. Thanks to Timehop, I've realized that this is a pretty big deal to me. My Timehop app showed me that morning the last several years of special Valentine's Day breakfasts with various heart shaped breakfast items and things like pink milk. I've officially decided that I LOVE Valentine's Day, and I love it way more than other holidays.    This year I did red velvet pancakes...

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Snow Day Pottery Painting at Purple Glaze


Snow Day Pottery Painting at Purple Glaze

First off, let me just say that it's very difficult for my hippie dad to remember that the name is Purple Glaze, not Purple Haze. Now that we've got that out of the way, I've got a GREAT way you can spend your snow day today!   Although the weekend was gorgeous, we spend most of it inside. We did some Spring cleaning and celebrated Valentine's Day (which I'll tell you about in my next post), but by the time yesterday rolled around, my kids had spent WAY TOO MUCH time indoors playing video games. We had planned on an outing with Grampa Roger and the cousins earlier in the day, but the streets were so bad that we opted not to. By about 4pm yesterday, everyone was stir crazy and I noticed the sun was shining and the ice was melting. So, we went ahead and...

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What if being a new parent didn't have to be so hard?


What if being a new parent didn't have to be so hard?

When my first son was born, he was a mere 5lbs 13oz. He fit in the crook of my arm and pretty much stayed there round the clock. My mother has a picture seared into her memory of me greeting her at the door when she came to stay with me. I stood there, with a teeny little baby in my arms, very evidently exhausted, hair unkempt, disheveled clothes, and a nightmare of a house upturned behind me. The one thought she had was, "That little baby did ALL that!"     He had to have been at least two or three months old in that picture. He wore premie clothes for a long time, and was three months old before I could even put 0-3mo clothes on him (which were still too big)!   Having a baby is hard work. Childbirth was okay for me. It was before and...

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Classy Date Night at Waterfront Grill


Classy Date Night at Waterfront Grill

I've been posting this month about making a point to spend individual, one-on-one time with each of our children in special dates. I thought I'd finish out January with a post about a classy date with my man.   Recently, we had a date night and went to Waterfront Grill in Jenks. After the holidays and all the hussle and bussle of getting back into the swing of school, it was nice to take time out for us. If you've never been to Waterfront Grill, it's located right on the water of the Arkansas River. There's a lovely view from their luxurious patio if the weather is nice. If it's chilly, they have heaters to keep you warm, but it was a little TOO chilly the night we went, so we sat inside.    The atmosphere is casual and...

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