Blog #5: Baby Shower

Well, the first baby shower went extremely well. My family decided to do one huge one, instead of several small ones. Luckily, I was able to get out of the house with the guys from the family, while Erin spent time with family and friends and opened gifts. 

 I arrived thirty minutes before the shower was over, so that I could personally thank everyone that attended. Times like these really remind me how blessed my wife and I are with such loving friends and family. We received so many awesome gifts for Sophie. This girl will have everything we could possibly dream! 

Time is ticking until the arrival date. We are about 7 weeks away and I can really begin to feel the sense that things are about to significantly change. My thoughts have transitioned from selfish thoughts, like I can't wait to have time off to enjoy doing nothing, to I can't wait to be off from work to spend time with my daughter. It's all about her now and I can't wait to hold that precious little girl in my arms.

 God Bless,