What can you buy for a quarter?

 25 cents in today's world might buy your child one of those gumballs that can only be retrieved by lifting up that germ covered door and hoping that it doesn't bounce it's way across the store only to be covered in more germs with each bounce! True....??

Starting today I am going to be guest blogging for TulsaKids Magazine and thought I must share with y'all Bartlesville's best kept secret and the place a quarter still goes a long way!

Nestled back in the trees off of Frank Phillips Boulevard is a place called The Kiddie Park. Filled with classic rides like swings, bumper cars, airplanes and boats, all that can be ridden for pocket change. Most rides are just a quarter but some cost a whopping 50 cents. My girls had big fun on 12 bucks! I loved the small park feel, short lines and the smiles on their faces!

Pretty cute little place, huh? Grab your quarters, bring some bug spray and stay a while because the Kiddie Park's slogan is.......Where the last rain ride is always free!
I love a small town!

Get more info at  www.kiddiepark.net

Gotta Get!

-Domestic Cowgirl




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