Gettin' Crafty!

I told someone the other day my girls have 2 loves, horses and crafts! My cowgirl sidekicks are always crafting up something and when they aren't, they are begging me to let them paint, glue, glitter,cut and create something!

So I thought I would try and post crafts more often.......maybe once a week?

To get ya started, Crayola makes crafts that are packaged with all you need to get crafty right inside! They are called Pop Art Pixies! That name is just too cute and I think I would want to be one if I wasn't busy being a cowgirl!
These are some of the fun things you can make!

My girls want them all, good thing they have birthday's coming up! See all the crafts at You can find them at Micheal's, Target and Wal-Mart. Use your 40% off coupon from Michael's!

Speaking of Michael's........If all of this crafting and the thought of gluing, painting and glittering in your house makes you break out in hives (like my husband, good thing he works or he would have to witness alot of crafting therefore he would be covered in hives most of the time!) Michael's offers FREE crafting sessions at their stores where they provide the supplies & a little instruction in THEIR crafting room! Look in the Sunday paper for their circular to find out more info!

Craft this summer with reckless abandon, your kids will love you for it!

Gotta Get!

-Domestic Cowgirl

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