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December 18, 2014

Guest Blog

July 2011


Rolled Felt Rose Tutorial

This is a sweet, super simple and quick project. As you may have noticed, most of my projects are pretty instantly gratifying. I just can't do big projects.. #1 I get bored easily and #2 my kids get bored easily!  I looked everywhere for a tutorial on making felt rosettes and did not have much luck. So, I decided to take matters into my hand, and this is what I came up with!    Rolled Felt Rose Tutorial: Gather supplies. Felt, Fabric, fabric glue, scissors Cut a 4 X 4  inch square Cut the square into a circle Starting from the outside, cut a spiral. It does not have to be can trim it up when you're finished.  Keep cutting until you run out of felt {I just realized I added the same photo twice, oops..} This is how it should look Place a dab of...

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Fabric Button Hair Ties

 This is one of the simplest and most inexpensive projects to do. I love to make these when I'm feeling like making something but don't want to really spend any time doing something. These are also great to keep the buttons around in case you can't find any hair pretties to match an outfit. I guess you could say these are my craft These hair ties give the basic tie back life! You can mix and match and even have you daughter join in to help!   Supplies Needed: Small Fabric Scraps  Scissors Thin Hair Ties Dritz Cover Button Kit On the back of the Button Kit there is a Button Pattern. Cut this out.   Fold Fabric in Half. Positioning the pattern where you want and cut.  You should have a Circle like this. I like to iron mine just to get any folds out....

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Rainbow Cupcakes

YUMMY... MMMMM.. NOM NOM NOM!!! That is how I feel about these happy little cupcakes. Really... Could they scream Summer Fun {or any other occasion} any louder! I have been seeing these rainbow cupcakes everywhere! I searched and found the instructions over at Disney Family Fun And found a couple of blog tutorials here and here.  {If you have made these on your blog, I'd love to link to your site too! The more rainbow cupcakes, the merrier!}        Here are my supplies: Easy Frost Icing... This stuff is mess free and AMAZINGLY EASY Food Coloring White Cake mix Cupcake liners {I wish I would have bought white so you could see thru the wrapper}   I loved doing this project as a family.  Mix your colors as directed. Use approximately one...

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Pluffy Beads Tutorial

I have been wanting to try my hands at making clay beads for a while.  Working with Polymer Clay is super intimidating to me. Pluffy Clay was the perfect ingredient for a first timer.  It is light and very forgiving, not too messy and does not dry out until it is baked.  {love that I can leave it out overnight and it is not dried up the next day}  I think that I just  may be hooked on making beads. I really love Pluffy clay and it was a great for my kids to play with while I worked on making Aubrey Rose's bracelets.  Supplies Needed: Pluffy Clay (found at most craft/hobby stores) Wax Paper Stretch Magic Toothpick or Needle Super Glue How to make your beads 1) Cover your work surface with wax paper and cut even squares of your...

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Child's Pennant Banner Tutorial

“While we try to teach our children all about life,  our children teach us what life is all about.” Author Unknown. This quote is so true and beautiful.   What little girl does not love a pennant banner hung in their room..?!  Credit goes to my just turned 5 year old daughter, Aubrey Rose, who made this lovely banner. The sewing project idea came from Sew Mama Sew. She has a great post with lots of ideas on Easy Hand Sewing For Kids. I can't wait to give more of them from her blog a try.        We gathered our supplies: Embroidery thread, long sewing needle, and fabric scraps from our doll quilt. I cut out the triangles with pinking shears, threaded her needle and showed her how to put it together. She worked...

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Gettin' Crafty!


Gettin' Crafty!

I told someone the other day my girls have 2 loves, horses and crafts! My cowgirl sidekicks are always crafting up something and when they aren't, they are begging me to let them paint, glue, glitter,cut and create something! So I thought I would try and post crafts more often.......maybe once a week? To get ya started, Crayola makes crafts that are packaged with all you need to get crafty right inside! They are called Pop Art Pixies! That name is just too cute and I think I would want to be one if I wasn't busy being a cowgirl! These are some of the fun things you can make! My girls want them all, good thing they have birthday's coming up! See all the crafts at You can find them at Micheal's, Target and Wal-Mart. Use your 40% off coupon from...

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The Weekend!

Our weekend was hot!Just how hot? The children will only eat ice cream. The cat has passed out.The chickens are panting.The horses are eating popsicles.The ground is cracking.The dogs want back in.My pond is drying up.To walk on the grass is like walking on a bed of nails.There is no end in sight!That is how hot it is! Gotta almanac!-Domestic Cowgirl

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What can you buy for a quarter?


What can you buy for a quarter?

 25 cents in today's world might buy your child one of those gumballs that can only be retrieved by lifting up that germ covered door and hoping that it doesn't bounce it's way across the store only to be covered in more germs with each bounce! True....?? Starting today I am going to be guest blogging for TulsaKids Magazine and thought I must share with y'all Bartlesville's best kept secret and the place a quarter still goes a long way!Nestled back in the trees off of Frank Phillips Boulevard is a place called The Kiddie Park. Filled with classic rides like swings, bumper cars, airplanes and boats, all that can be ridden for pocket change. Most rides are just a quarter but some cost a whopping 50 cents. My girls had big fun on 12 bucks! I loved the small...

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