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May 22, 2015

Aug 6, 201108:00 AMGuest Blog

Rainbow Cupcakes

Aug 6, 2011 - 08:00 AM
That is how I feel about these happy little cupcakes. Really... Could they scream Summer Fun {or any other occasion} any louder!
I have been seeing these rainbow cupcakes everywhere! I searched and found the instructions over at Disney Family Fun
And found a couple of blog tutorials here and here
{If you have made these on your blog, I'd love to link to your site too! The more rainbow cupcakes, the merrier!} 
Here are my supplies:
Easy Frost Icing... This stuff is mess free and AMAZINGLY EASY
Food Coloring
White Cake mix
Cupcake liners {I wish I would have bought white so you could see thru the wrapper}
I loved doing this project as a family. 
Mix your colors as directed.
Use approximately one spoonful of batter per color {do ROY G BIV backwards to layer. I did learn something in school even if it was just the colors of the rainbow..lol}
It does not have to be perfect layers. They will bake just as beautiful. 
Bake and wait. Just make sure you don't over bake or your colors will brown a bit.
I had to cut a couple open 1) because the kids were so excited and 2) because I was so excited 
Ice with your Easy Frost and Sprinkle. The way I make a swirl is you make one outer circle with your frosting then make a second swirl for the top. Just a trick my grandmother taught me. 
Can you taste the rainbow? I can because I have eaten 5 {oops...}


TulsaKids welcomes guest blogger, Kelly Corado!



Aug 7, 2011 04:28 pm
 Posted by  Whatscookinstacey

Love your post! I have made a cake this way but not cupcakes! So pretty!

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