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Blog Post #4: Newborn Stuff

Wow!  One never realizes how much stuff a baby needs.  Not until we started shopping for Sophie, did I start to realize that it takes a lot to welcome a newborn into the world.  Luckily, I am very blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family to help us provide for our little girl.  From the crib to the diapers, and everything in between, Erin and I were dishing out a small fortune so that we would be ready for Sophie. 


This is why I am so glad that I have joined the board of Emergency Infant Services!  If you are not familiar with Emergency Infant Services (EIS), they provide all the necessary items for newborns to the age of 5.  I know there are a lot of people in this community who are suffering from the tough economic times to provide for themselves, let alone a newborn child entering this world.  That is why EIS so critical to our community.  They are non profit organization that does not receive any funding from the government, but are able to provide the vital needs of the community at such a critical time. 


If you would like to donate to Emergency Infant Services, please feel free to visit their website https://emergencyinfantservices.org/Home_Page.php or facebook.com/emergencyinfantservices to find more information about how you can help out such a great organization. 





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