Blog Post #2: Our First Baby Shower

Well, the last doctor check up went well.  Whew!  We have been very lucky that every check up has been great.  Normally, I tend to worry about things a lot.  However, with this pregnancy I have been super relaxed.  I am taking it one day at a time and trying to live by the motto: If the doctor says there is nothing to worry about then there is nothing to worry about. 


My wife works in a newborn nursery, so she has heard a lot of horror stories.  Naturally, she is a little more worried than myself, since she knows what can go wrong.  However, when negative thoughts creep in my head I rely on my faith in God.  We both know that no matter what he has in store for us, he will guide us along and take care of us.


In other news, our first baby shower is this weekend.  My wife (I guess I should call her by her name) Erin is excited to see her friends and family.  We have already received so many wonderful gifts for Sophie, so anything else that we receive will be a blessing.  I will be leaving the house and going to get some buffalo wings with the guys in my family, while the women enjoy the shower.

God Bless..