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Grandparenting--Five Fun, Free Things to do in Tulsa!


Having fun with your grandkids doesn’t have to mean hemorrhaging cash.  Even if you’re short on funds, there are great options for free, kid-friendly activities in Tulsa. It helps if the weather is nice, and in Tulsa, we sometimes have warm days right in the middle of winter. Grandparents don’t need to spend a penny to have a great day with grandkids; as long as you spend time with them, they will enjoy themselves! Here are suggestions for five free things to do in Tulsa.

1. You can probably guess what’s at the top of the list, the Gathering Place! This place is amazing, a free amusement park with something to do for all ages right here in our city!  Check out their website to see the daily schedule before you go, and read my blog about the Gathering Place so you’ll know what to expect. The Gathering Place is getting all the attention, and it is well-deserved, but there are also many fantastic parks scattered around Tulsa!

My Grandson loves the banana slide at the Gathering Place!

2. Visit the library! There are many fun events at the library; check out the Tulsa City-County Library website to see what’s going on at your library. For example, tomorrow, the 15th of November, there will be a firetruck visit at Schusterman-Benson library at 4 P.M. Check out their Facebook page for details. Many of the Tulsa libraries have play areas for preschool kids that my grandson and I visit frequently. Spending an afternoon reading with your grandkids is a great way to share time and the love of literature!

In addition to books, most Tulsa libraries have a fun play area for kids!

3. First Friday Art Crawl--This is a good outing to share with older grandkids. The first Friday of every month all the museums, galleries in the Tulsa Arts District are open and offer free admission from 6-9 P.M. It’s an interesting, educational and fun evening full of activity and people!

4. Hike Turkey Mountain! Turkey Mountain is located on the west side of the Arkansas River and is a beautiful nature experience. There are several trails to choose from varying in difficulty. There are bathrooms and a water fountain at the base, by the parking lot, but I strongly advise taking some water along on your hike. This is an outing that can be adapted to almost any age; my 16-month-old grandson has been enjoying Turkey Mountain since he learned to walk. 

He loves to hike Turkey Mountain with his two best friends!

5. Visit Philbrook Art Museum! Philbrook is a Tulsa art museum within the breathtakingly beautiful, historic home of Waite and Genevieve Phillips. On the second Saturday of every month, admission is free! If you have a grandchild that’s interested in art this would be a fantastic field trip! There are also beautiful grounds to stroll on.

Before you go, always check out the websites for details. Tulsa is fortunate to have so many free activities! Another great resource for finding out what is going on in Tulsa is the TulsaKids website. What free activities have you found to do with kids in Tulsa? 

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