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Looking for the magazine? You can always check out our digital editions, or below is a sampling of where you can pick up the latest issue. At the end of the month, the magazine racks may be empty. If that's the case, please call our office at 918.582.8504. Also, remember our guides and directories can be found online 24/7.


Broken Arrow:

Health Department: 5051 S. 129th E. Ave. 

Panera Bread: 2201 W. Detroit

Theatre Arts: 2034 W. Houston

Ron's Hamburgers: 1913 S. Elm 

Wendy's: 4703 S. Elm Pl. 


Will Rogers Library

Claremore Rec. Center

The Mustard Seed

Gymnastics City


Downtown Tulsa

Gilcrease Museum: 1400 Gilcrease Museum Rd. 

El Guapo: 1st & Elgin

Joe Mama's: 112 S. Elgin

Dilly Diner: 402 E. 2nd 

Zarrow Arts Center: 124 E. Brady 

Tulsa: East

Wendy's: 31st & Garnett

Milestones Pediatrics: 3863 S. 103 E. Ave. 

Community Action Project: 4606 S. Garnett, Ste. 100

Parent Child Center: 9910 E. 42nd St. S. 

Tulsa: Harvard Area

Kiddlestix: 3815 S. Harvard 

Tulsa Teacher's Credit Union: 3720 E. 31st 

Ron’s Hamburgers: 8201 S. Harvard 

BBD II: 81st & Harvard 

Orange Leaf: 81st & Harvard 


Marble Slab: Riverwalk Crossing 

Warren Clinic: 2605 W. Main St. 

Mazzio's: 510 W. Main 

Life Connection Church: 1015 W. Main 

Oklahoma Aquarium: 300 Aquarium Dr. 


Tulsa: Lewis Area

Patti Johnson Wilson Center: 2116 E. 15th St. 

Utica Park Clinic: 7600 W. Lewis 

Premiere Family Care: 2440 E. 81st St. 

Deerfield Estates: 8812 S. Delaware

Camille’s (Riverside): 9637 Riverside Parkway 

Tulsa: North

Tulsa Zoo (Gift Shop): 5701 E. 36th St. North 

Tulsa Air and Space Museum: 3624 N. 74th E. Ave. 

Educare: 3420 N. Peoria

Hutcherson YMCA: 1120 E. Pine

Tulsa Women's & Children's Center: 2442 Mohawk Blvd. 


Mazzio's Pizza: 8001 Owasso Expressway 

Children’s Orchard: 12307 E. 106th St. N. 

Panera Bread: 12417 E. 96th St. N. 

The Children’s Depot: 8831 N. Owasso Expressway 

Owasso YMCA: 8300 Owasso Expressway

Peoria Area

The Brook: 3401 S. Peoria 

Blue Moon Café: 3512 S. Peoria

Charleston’s: 3726 S. Peoria 

All Souls Unitarian Church: 2952 S. Peoria

Hideaway Pizza: 1503 E. 15tth 


Dreamcatcher: 210 E. Dewey 

Little Red’s Cut & Dye: 609 Ste. A S. Main

Rib Crib: 705 S. Mission

Family Diner Steak & Eggs: 1112 E. Taft

Care USA: 725 E. Mission St. 

Tulsa: Sheridan Area

Marley's PIzza: 6104 E. 71st 

Shadlow Mountain Behavioral Health: 6262 S. Sheridan

The Apple Tree: 7204 E. 41st St. 

Life Church: 7105 E. 41st St. 

The Little Gym: 8013 - A S. Sheridan 

Tulsa: Utica Square/Cherry Street

Panera Bread: Cherry Street 

Women's Health Center at Hillcrest: 1145 S. Utica 

Petty’s: Utica Square

Lolly Garden: Utica Square

Children's Medical Center at Hillcrest: 1120 S. Utica 

Tulsa: West

Westside YMCA: Cross River at 71st, Right on Union to 61st 

Chick-fil-A: 7129 S. Olympia

Tulsa Spin & Specialty Hospital: 6901 S. Olympia 

Children & Family Eye Care: 7374 S. Olympia

Peach Wave Frozen Yogurt: 7388 Olympia Ave. 

Tulsa: Memorial

Tulsa World of Gymnastics: 7020 E. 38th St. 

Tulsa Stained Glass: 7976 E. 41st St. 

Peek A Boo Baby: 8283 S. Memorial 

Bounce U: 91st & Memorial

Children’s Orchard: 101st & Memorial

Tulsa: Mingo Area

Panera Bread: 71st & Garnett

SoccerCity: 5817 S. 118th E. Ave.

Southcrest Physicians Building: 8801 S. 101st 

Saied’s: 9320 E. 71st St. 

Dickenson YMCA: 8501 S. Garnett 

Tulsa: Yale

CherryBerry: 4715 E. 41st 

Whiteside Recreation Center: 4009 S. Pittsburgh Ave. 

Sky Fitness Midtown: 4103 S. Yale 

Thornton YMCA: 51st & New Haven 

Hideaway at Kingspointe: 5966 S. Yale