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May 5, 2015

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Make Homemade Dog Treats


Make Homemade Dog Treats

It's National Pet Sitters' Week (who knew there was one?) and, to honor all the pet-sitters and our fluffy friends out there, I'm going to give you a recipe for Homemade Dog Treats. We've made dog treats in our family for years. When my son was in elementary school, he had a dog treat business. He made the treats, and put them in attractive packaging (a zip-lock bag inside of a lunch-size paper bag with a dog bone picture on it, tied with a heavy string through two holes punched through the folded top). He also created a flier on the computer with a description of the product and pricing for large and small bags. He figured the cost to make the treats and marked them up accordingly to make a profit. He also enlisted the help of his youngest sister in making the...

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Blowing Smoke at Babies

Thanks to Senator Brian Crain, a bill that would have given individual cities in Oklahoma the ability to ban indoor smoking was snuffed out, even though House Bill 2267 passed the House. Senator Crain, who is Health and Human Services Chair, killed the bill without giving it a hearing. While Senator Crain is concerned about the rights of smokers, others are concerned about their right to breathe clean air. Most of us know the harm that secondhand smoke can do, especially to children. But a new study that, ironically, I just read this morning says that smoking bans also reduce the risk of preterm births. Smoking bans are good public health policy, even for children yet to be born. Our legislators are consistently concerned with the unborn, so it would seem like a no-brainer for...

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My Valentine's Day Pin

My son made this little heart pin for me when he was 4 years old. He's now 25. He was so proud of it (as only a preschooler can be) when he gave it to me for Valentine's Day, wrapped in tissue paper, all those years ago. I've worn it every Valentine's Day since. As you can see, he painted the wooden heart base black. Why not red or pink? I don't know. He was always a cautious child, so maybe red seemed like too risky a choice in his 4-year-old mind. Some of the glitter has worn off, but amazingly, most still remains. Glitter in the hands of 4-year-olds can be risky in itself, but it looks very nice on my pin. The blue and orange stones were also an interesting color choice for a Valentine's Day pin, but my son never has gone along with the crowd....

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Food for Young Athletes -- And a No-Bake Recipe You'll Like

As I was searching for something to do on my segment on KTUL Channel 8's "Good Morning Oklahoma" last week, I came across a recipe that sounded good, healthy and FAST. I'I'll I'll be honest, my mind was not on work, but on enjoying Christmas, shopping, hanging out with my kids and taking time off. But I tried these little gems and my two daughters and my husband loved them. I had to make an extra batch to put in my daughters' piles of stuff to take back with them to Austin and Conway. These are so easy, your kids can make them without help, depending on their ages. Very young children can measure, pour and roll them into balls. No cooking involved! I chose to use the no sugar, natural peanut butter and it worked fine. You could also experiment with...

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Crafts Kids Can Make with Leftover Wrapping Paper

Before you throw out all that Christmas wrapping paper, let me give you a few ideas for crafts that your kids can make. It's a win/win. You can feel good about reusing "trash" and your kids will have something creative to do to keep them busy -- like making the cool beads for the bracelet at the left. BEADS To make beads, start with whatever paper you would like to use. Besides wrapping paper, you can use magazine pages, or any paper you have on hand. It's interesting to see what design will come out on the beads, depending on the images or designs on the paper you use. Cut the paper into long triangles as pictured. Next, you will roll the big end around a toothpick. Hold it in place as you run a glue stick down the paper, all the way to the end of the...

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Teachers Packin' Heat. Seriously?

Two Oklahoma State Legislators want to introduce a bill that would allow teachers and other public school personnel to have guns in their classrooms. Is this really Oklahoma's answer to the tragedy in Newtown? Is this our State's call to action? Surely we can do better for our children. Will having more easily accessible guns prevent another mass shooting by a mentally ill person? Don't we, as parents, make sure that our children aren't going over to play at a house with accessible guns? I know I wouldn't allow my children to go to a friend's house if that house had unsecured guns. And, with 40 percent of American households having guns, it's a good idea to ask. Why in the world would we want our children to go to school every day knowing that there...

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Talking to Your Kids

I'm sure you've seen and heard about many ways to talk to your children about the tragedy in Newtown. Here is a list of tips from Save the Children, www.savechildren.org.   Save the Children Opens Safe Space for Newtown Children, Offers 10 Tips to Help All Children Cope WESTPORT, Conn. (Dec. 15, 2012) — Save the Children has opened a Child Friendly Space in a Newtown, Conn. middle school to give local children a safe place to play and express themselves while their parents seek counseling and support in connection to the horrific tragedy in their community. Save the Children is extremely saddened by the events in Newtown, only 20 miles from its Westport, Conn. headquarters, and is ready to help local authorities and partners as needed.  For...

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I wish that this day were a nightmare, and I would wake up. Or that we could just start the day over with no guns. Please.

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Is Your College Student Taking Drugs?

When my son was a freshman in college (years ago -- he's 25 now), he called me during finals week at about this time of year. He was going to a selective, competitive school and he told me that he had taken some ADHD medication to study for an exam. He said that the kids were passing it out to everyone in the dorm where he was studying. Hmmm. That's one of those times as a parent that you take a deep breath. Or maybe it's just that it takes your breath away how stupid smart young people can be. I don't know. Either way, I was speechless. As I tried to think of what to say and how to say it, my son said something like, "It was great. I could really focus and stay up all night and read everything I needed..." So, I wondered why he had shared this with...

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What Would You Do?

If you could know in advance that your infant was going to be afflicted with a serious disease such as diabetes, breast cancer, alzheimer's or ALS later in life, would you want to know? In the past two days, I've seen and heard two different programs on genetics and what doctors can tell us about our health. Right now, infants are screened at birth for harmful or even potentially fatal disorders that can be cured or improved with early diagnosis (remember that PKU test?) Now most states screen for over 30 disorders, all with a single drop of blood. But would you want an entire genetic make-up on your infant? One program that I watched on television interviewed adults with diseases, or who had the potential to develop life-threatening diseases. All of the adults in the...

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