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December 20, 2014

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"Won't Back Down" -- Seriously?

You've probably heard about "Won't Back Down," the film where the mom and the disillusioned teacher take on a failing school and turn it around. And who's the villian in this film? The teachers' union, of course. I haven't seen the movie. I've read enough about it that I know I won't go see it, especially since it comes from Walden Media, the same company -- backed by the Koch Brothers -- who put out the other anti-public school propaganda film "Waiting for Superman." I did see that one. Here's a good review of "Won't Back Down": http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-wont-back-down-review-20120928,0,2053199.story. I just spent the weekend with a close friend who has been a teacher for 33...

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Unprocessed: Week One


Unprocessed: Week One

My October Unprocessed Challenge started yesterday. Well, actually Sunday night. If you missed my blog about it last week, go to www.eatingrules.com to find out about the challenge, what it entails and perhaps sign up yourself! My husband and I were out of town at our youngest daughter's Parents' Weekend at Hendrix College, so I didn't do my usual Saturday grocery shopping until Sunday evening. My habit over the years has been to decide what I'm going to cook every night for dinner for a week, make a list and go to the store. I HATE having to think about what we're going to eat every night (this was especially the case when all three of the kids were home) and I HATE having to stop at the grocery store during the week. So, grocery shopping once a week works best...

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Spare the Rod ---- Please!

Before I had children (many, many, many years ago), I had a discussion with a co-worker about spanking children as a form of discipline. He had two very young children and was an advocate of spanking. I couldn't imagine spanking my future child. You know how it is before you have children -- it's so easy to have opinions and give advice to parents when you don't have children of your own, right? I respected this guy, and I'm pretty sure he was a good dad. I asked him why he spanked his kids, and he said, "It's a good way to get their attention sometimes." OK, so aren't there other ways to get their attention? He said, for example, if his 3-year-old went out into the street, he would give her a couple of swats to let her know that she's not...

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Are You Processed or Unprocessed?

I was googling around last week and found Andrew Wilder's website Eating Rules. In 2009 Andrew decided to issue a challenge to himself and his friends to eat no processed foods for a month. The challenge became October Unprocessed. Andrew decided to invite people to take the October Unprocessed pledge every year. I like the idea of eating less processed foods. I read a prediction recently that by 2030, two-thirds of Oklahomans would be overweight or obese. That means there must be a lot of parents out there feeding their kids a really unhealthy diet. Maybe by making an effort to eat less processed foods, we can develop better eating habits. If you want to read more about Andrew, go here http://www.eatingrules.com/about/ You can find out how it all started, get tips, recipes and...

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Is It October Yet?

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about October. Yeah, September is okay, but it's still a little hot, especially after the grueling summer we've had. But I'm always working ahead, so it may be that I've subconsciously skipped the rest of September without giving it a fair chance. We sent our October issue to the printer yesterday, so I hope you pick one up when it comes out next week. There's lots of good stuff in this issue, but more on that later. First, this weekend. So much is happening! There's the Hound Dog Blues Festival at Chandler Park (kids 6 & under are free), and some proceeds go to animal rescue groups. My labradoodle is an adopted dog, so I have a special place in my heart for those groups that help pets find homes. The...

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Very Scary Day or The Down Side to Kids Leaving Home

I'm not having a very good Friday. No, it's not the weather. I actually love rainy days, and we really need it. Today is just one of those days that I worry about my kids being far away. If you're not there yet, imagine how it felt the first time you left your infant with a babysitter. Or left your child on the first day of kindergarten? Or the first day of middle school? It's a helpless feeling, right? The child who lives closest to me is a junior at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Not THAT far, but still not a quick drive. She called yesterday and sounded terrible. In fact, when she heard my voice, she started crying. I wish you could give hugs over the phone. She called me earlier in the week to say she had a cold. Not unusual. Kids get together and pass...

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How Much Is Enough? Kids and Serving Sizes

We all keep hearing that too many children are overweight or obese. We know that we need to provide them with foods that are healthy. But exactly what are those foods and how much should our kids be eating? In this fast food, all-you-can eat and more world, I don't remember really knowing what an appropriate serving size was for my children when they were young. I do remember worrying about whether or not they were eating enough. One of my friends used to chase her son around with his barely touched egg salad sandwich, begging him to finish it. I never got to that point, but I shared her concerns about food. Tomorrow (Tues.) on KTUL News Channel 8's Good Morning Oklahoma, I'm going to show some appropriate serving sizes for kids ages 4 to 8. I actually gathered up the...

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Downtown Tulsa -- Not Just for Adults

If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about Guthrie Green in the Brady District of downtown Tulsa, then here's a quick review. Guthrie Green is a new park located at 111 E. Brady in Tulsa's Brady Arts District. The Kaiser Family Foundation will hold an opening ceremony TODAY (Fri., Sept. 7) at 3 p.m. -- so hurry on over there if you want to hear the opening remarks. If you're like me and can't get away right now, no worries. There will be plenty going on all weekend for the entire family. Here's the website: http://guthriegreen.com for more info. First, the park is really attractive. It has an outdoor theater, fountains and a restaurant, Lucky's on the Green. And the fun doesn't end with one weekend. Performances are planned...

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Trash Talk

You may not think trash is very interesting. To be honest, I don't either. However, I have watched with some interest the brouhaha over Tulsa's trash service switch. We don't have our new containers at home yet, but we got them at the office yesterday. It was kind of amusing to watch the truck hauling the huge trailer piled high with trash containers try to navigate a turn off of a side street onto Denver. I was pretty sure it might topple over, but it didn't. Once the containers were unloaded, I pulled off the booklet that was attached to the container's handle and read the trash rules. I like the photo illustrations. As a person who never reads instructions, it always helps me to have pictures. (You should see me put together IKEA furniture!) OK, so, as...

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Kids Going Off to College? or Who's That Guy?

The other day, a friend who's last child is going off to college this week asked me how I liked being an "empty nester." I've been asked that question before and inherent in it is the real question: Am I going to make it? First, I don't have any answers for you. Every mom handles it in her own way. For example, my perspective may be entirely different from a single parent. What I can tell you is that if you're sad and lonely, it will get better. And if you have a husband, you might be wondering "Who's that guy?" This summer was my first childless summer, which is to say, that when your child goes off to college, he or she will typically return several times. So, buck up. If you're lonely, that clean, empty bedroom will be messy...

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