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April 19, 2015

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Please Vote Today for the Technology Needs of Tomorrow!


Please Vote Today for the Technology Needs of Tomorrow!

If you dropped your kids off at a Tulsa Public School this morning, you may not realize that they will spend their day in a school that is technologically inferior to the surrounding suburban school districts. That’s right. Just a few miles apart in distance, yet a million miles apart in opportunity. The $38 million bond proposal called “Smart and Secure Schools” will bring all Tulsa Public School sites up to date in technology so that your kids will have the same opportunities that the suburban school kids already enjoy. Did you know that not every TPS school site is wireless? And that our student-to-computer ratio is 12-to-1, while Jenks’ is 2.5-to-1? What will the proposal buy? One of the most important things it will do is erase the inequities in...

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Super Easy Cake Balls to Make for Mother’s Day

Come on, you know you love them. Those little sugary spheres of deliciousness are just the right size for a treat. I found this recipe in a recent edition of Bon Appetit. It was actually in one of the advertisements, but I tried it – and it was super easy. I wanted to share it in case someone out there wanted to make it for Mom for Mothers Day – it’s this Sunday! Even a non-cook could make these in a snap. And, if you have a kid or two to help, even better. There’s no cooking involved – just dumping, stirring and rolling. I even made a recipe without the banana and added a little extra milk. It worked fine. Here’s the recipe, with credit to Jell-O. Banana Cake Balls INGREDIENTS ½ cup cold milk 1 pkg. (3.4 oz.)....

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Tulsa Neighborhood Parks, Pools and Community Centers for Everyone

I live near a Tulsa Parks Community Center, which I use once a week. On the night I go, the parking lot is full. Adults and children are coming and going from dance classes, basketball and Tai Kwon Do. The soccer fields are full of kids. I run or walk my dog on the trail around the park nearly every day. During the summer, the junior pool is full of kids. When my children were younger, they used the community center, park and pool all the time. This community center with all its attractions is within walking distance of my house. As a Tulsa citizen, I’m concerned about the families who live in neighborhoods without community centers and pools. I just read a recent Canadian study (done by researchers in collaboration with The Applied Research Group for Kids) that shows...

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Runners Are Nice People

On Saturday, I gathered with the other runners near ONEOK Field to wait for the YWCA’s Race Against Racism to start. As I stood with my husband Wes and a friend, Dave Reynolds, I noticed that a woman kept looking at me as if she knew me. I’ll admit that sometimes I don’t remember people, but I usually have a glimmer of recognition. I couldn’t place her. This woman would just pass by and look at us. Finally, she said, “How fast do you think you’ll run this race?” Now, she didn’t appear to be the competitive type, so I thought maybe she was just striking up a conversation. Wes had already run eight miles that morning, and I had already run two with the dog, so we certainly weren’t trying to break any records. Dave was also...

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The Boston Marathon the Next Day


The Boston Marathon the Next Day

I’ve been a runner for over 30 years, and a spectator at many runs. The running community truly is a community. I value my runner friends for their cheerful attitudes and cooperative spirits. While each person must run alone, those of us who have been runners for many years know that there are times we wouldn’t get up at 5:30 a.m. or run those extra miles without the support of friends. Every running event is a happy gathering of runners and spectators cheering them on. Today, that innocence has been taken away. Today, I can’t quite reconcile the horrific image of the Boston Marathon with the happy image of running events that have been my experience all these years. Today, I force myself to focus, not on the evil people who planted the bombs, but on the...

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Parenting – It’s a Verb


Parenting – It’s a Verb

I just read Frank Bruni’s op-ed column “A Childless Bystander’s Baffled Hymn.” It’s easy for a childless person such as Mr. Bruni to judge. He doesn’t have to parent a kid 24/7 like those of us with children. Like many before him, he takes umbrage with using the word parent as the verb “parenting.” I enjoy words and the evolution of them. Language isn’t a static thing and, personally, I think the word “parenting” is much softer-sounding than “rearing.” Aside from the fact that Mr. Bruni is a little hard on us poor parents who are just trying to get it right, his column was funny. We do focus on our children in ways that probably aren’t that healthy for them or for us. And, as he points out,...

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Oklahoma Public Schools May Be in for More Hard Times

I have blogger’s block. It’s like writer’s block, only worse. If you can’t just let your thoughts stream unencumbered from your brain to write a blog, then you’re in trouble. Writer’s block implies that you’re putting a little thought into writing. My blogs tend to be more of what my brother calls “articulating mind chatter.” Well, I have some mind chatter building up…and it’s about my favorite rant – public schools. First, a huge shout out to Andrea Eger and other reporters at the Tulsa World for their excellent reporting on education. The article “Foundation Influences State School Policies, Laws” by Andrea Eger and Kim Archer in the Sun., Feb. 10 issue was especially enlightening. All of...

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Advice for the Modern Mom


Advice for the Modern Mom

Did all of you see the new medical information about how too many moms these days are feeding their infants solid food too soon? I was going to blog about it yesterday, but it was all over the Google News page, so I assumed everyone had read it. If somehow you missed it, the CDC says that 40 percent of moms they surveyed admitted to feeding their babies solid foods before they were 4 months old. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until the baby is at least 4 months old. In the New York Times, Dr. T J Gold, a pediatrician, said, “At 2, 3 months, they can’t even hold their heads up well, and they can’t sit.” That makes it difficult, even dangerous, to try to feed infants solid food. According to the CDC, feeding infants solid foods before 4...

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Make Homemade Dog Treats


Make Homemade Dog Treats

It's National Pet Sitters' Week (who knew there was one?) and, to honor all the pet-sitters and our fluffy friends out there, I'm going to give you a recipe for Homemade Dog Treats. We've made dog treats in our family for years. When my son was in elementary school, he had a dog treat business. He made the treats, and put them in attractive packaging (a zip-lock bag inside of a lunch-size paper bag with a dog bone picture on it, tied with a heavy string through two holes punched through the folded top). He also created a flier on the computer with a description of the product and pricing for large and small bags. He figured the cost to make the treats and marked them up accordingly to make a profit. He also enlisted the help of his youngest sister in making the...

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Blowing Smoke at Babies

Thanks to Senator Brian Crain, a bill that would have given individual cities in Oklahoma the ability to ban indoor smoking was snuffed out, even though House Bill 2267 passed the House. Senator Crain, who is Health and Human Services Chair, killed the bill without giving it a hearing. While Senator Crain is concerned about the rights of smokers, others are concerned about their right to breathe clean air. Most of us know the harm that secondhand smoke can do, especially to children. But a new study that, ironically, I just read this morning says that smoking bans also reduce the risk of preterm births. Smoking bans are good public health policy, even for children yet to be born. Our legislators are consistently concerned with the unborn, so it would seem like a no-brainer for...

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