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April 26, 2015

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Who Wants to Watch Miley Cyrus Twerk? Or Anyone Else, for that Matter

Because she has no talent, Miley Cyrus continues to become more and more outrageous in order to keep attention flowing to her. Last night she was twerking on MTV. Why is it that we humans get some kind of twisted pleasure out of celebrities making fools of themselves? What will Miley do next? It’s oddly fascinating to watch her downward spiral from child star to video sex queen. Only she’s not sexy, just sick. Someone needs to tell her…. If you don’t know what twerking is, ask your kids. Or watch this video (gag alert) from the MTV Video Music Awards. If you’ve just eaten, you may want to wait a couple of hours. My breakfast almost ended up on my desk. Entertainers have always pushed the limits. And I’m no fan of censorship, but with...

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My Recent Field Trips

Lately, I’ve been getting out from behind my computer to do some visiting. On Tuesday, I went over to Clear Channel to record a back-to-school radio segment with the always fun and entertaining Lynn Hernandez. Early Sunday mornings at 7 a.m., Lynn steps away from classic rock to bring you Hot Topics on KMOD (www.kmod.com/cc-common/communities/spotlight.html). Lynn invited me to sit down and talk with him about tips to get kids ready for going back to school. Vane Lucas, owner/director of Mathnasium, a math learning center with locations in South Tulsa and Broken Arrow (www.mathnasium.com), joined us for a fun discussion. First, I was pretty impressed with Vane’s suggestions for parents regarding math. I wish he had been around when my kids were going through their...

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This First Won’t Be the Last


This First Won’t Be the Last

I guess by now you all know that Kate and William had their baby. (Yes, read that with the intended note of sarcasm.) I can feel a little cynicism at the over-abundance of information, the baby-cam reporters and crush of people camping out in front of the maternity ward, but I can’t be cynical seeing the obviously happy couple holding their new baby. As Kate said, any parent knows how they are feeling at that moment. Having a baby is an unforgettable “first,” a moment in time that feels like nothing else. For those of us who are “older,” we know this first is just one of many for the new parents. TulsaKids’ August issue is out, and we have an article about the significant firsts of sending a child to kindergarten and to middle school....

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Guns Kill People

I grew up in a split-level house with a window in one of the bedrooms overlooking the roof of the garage. A couple of times, my brother and I (and maybe a friend or two) climbed out the window onto the roof of the garage and jumped down. We were free to roam around the neighborhood in the middle of the night. We could have gone out one of the sliding glass doors in the back just as easily, but there was more adventure to jumping off the roof. We didn’t cause any trouble – we just walked around in the wee hours of the morning and then snuck back into the house. What if one of those times one of the neighbors had perceived us to be dangerous criminals, out to burglarize homes? And what if one of those neighbors had had a loaded gun? I shudder to think what could have...

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Anti-Aging Secrets

I get some interesting products in my office sometimes. If it says “anti-aging” on it, I grab it. I often wonder if super-pricey products work since I feel way too guilty slapping down $100 for something that promises to erase my wrinkles. I’m vain, but not THAT vain. And what if it did work? What then? Would I be trapped into spending $100 a month just to keep up? It’s best not to go there, I think. But back to this little product I received. It’s called RG-Cell Serum. Sounds super science-y, doesn’t it? Serious stuff. It came in a tiny glass vial with a rubber nipple-like thing on the top, so you could easily control the small amount that is recommended to use each day. You wouldn’t want to accidently dump it out all over your bathroom...

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Parenting – Not for the Faint of Heart


Parenting – Not for the Faint of Heart

A week ago, my husband and I put our youngest (21-year-old daughter Mary) on a plane to Madrid, Spain for a month to “study abroad” as they say. I tend to be a worrier, so it takes some major denial on my part to be able to function thinking about that long flight – and how far away she is. The fact that she was so unprepared to go actually kind of helped me work through my own anxiety. Mary is master of denial herself – maybe it’s genetic. I remember when she was in elementary school, we saw a cat that had been run over in the road and, while I commented on how sad that was, she turned around in her seat and insisted that, “No, the cat had gotten up.” Right. So I understand her pretty well. Every time I would bring this trip up...

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Kids Do Tulsa & A Really Slimy Recipe

How’s your summer going? Unlike many of you, I don’t have any small (or large) children at home. Entertaining a very large dog who wants constant attention can be like having a toddler around, but it’s not quite on the same level. Our little cat is a constant annoyance, wanting in and out, in and out. I think she forgets when she comes in one door because she immediately wants out another. She’s so demanding. My husband, on the other hand, is fairly self-sufficient. Fortunately, if you do have kids to hang out with this summer, there are lots of fun things to do. Of course, the Tulsa Children’s Museum’s Discovery Lab at Owen Park is pretty fabulous. If I had kids under age 12, I’d be getting a family membership to that place!...

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More S#*&@ You Can Do When Your Kids Leave Home

To continue my popular with some people and not popular with others (because of the title) blog, I want to write about a Fatherless Father’s Day. It’s not so bad. Although that’s easy for me to say because on Mother’s Day, I made my husband drive me to visit my nearest child just to have lunch with her – and that was a total of eight hours of driving in one day. So, what will my husband be doing for Father’s Day weekend? He’ll have coffee in the mug our daughter Mary made for him, as he does every morning. It’s light blue with yellow stripes and pink swirls and says “dad” on the handle. Sometimes I think we might as well get rid of all of our coffee mugs because he only drinks out of that one, and I only drink out of the...

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Austin’s Favorite Kindie Group for Hipster Toddlers

If you missed the Kindie group the Que Pastas at the Kaiser Library this morning or the Central Library this afternoon, there are more shows. These toddler and parent-pleasing rug rat wranglers are in town touting their new, full-length album SUNGLASSES. We’ve been doing our own little preview listening party at the office and we’re all down with the Que Pastas. This Austin band is sure to bring out your toddler’s inner hipster, so get ready. I asked my daughter who lives in Austin if she is familiar with the Que Pastas and she wrote, “Austin hipster babies love the Que Pastas... I think they played at Toddlers By Toddlerswest.” So, there you have it. Catch the show. For days, locations and times, go here. While you’re there, sign up to win...

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The Moore Tornado


The Moore Tornado

My name is Alex Niblett and I’m a senior at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. I am majoring in journalism and minoring in International Studies. Just over a week ago, I left Norman and moved back to Tulsa to spend time with my family for the summer and work as an intern at Tulsa Kids Magazine. At this point in my life, I think I’ve really developed an understanding of the importance of time; I don’t know how much I have left, but what I do know is how much I can’t get back. I remember a time when I was a little girl. One day, I was having a conversation with my dad and I had asked him, “Why doesn’t time work like the VCR? I wish we could just rewind time and go back.” At the time, the idea wasn’t exactly illogical to me, though...

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