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April 18, 2015

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Writing a Children’s Book is Not Child’s Play


Writing a Children’s Book is Not Child’s Play

I recently wrote and illustrated a children’s picture book (ages 4-8) called MAY FINDS HER WAY, published by The RoadRunner Press in Oklahoma City. When people find out, even those who know me pretty well, they say something like, “You illustrated it too?” in an incredulous voice. Yes. Art is not my current profession. I’ve been kind of busy the past few years doing other things. However, I’ve always found time to make art. I just don’t talk about it. How do you bring up something like that anyway? “Hey, guess what, I can draw!”?  I’ve included a couple of the illustrations here that I took with my iPhone…. Whether or not I can draw, I will leave up to people who see the book. I will warn you that,...

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Was That a Threat?

The long-awaited, controversial A-F assessment of your child’s school will be released by the State Department of Education this week. After several miscalculations by the State Department and many postponements, the grades are ready to be released, despite claims by third party researchers at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma that the system is essentially a meaningless assessment. What was supposed to be a “transparent” assessment of public schools so that parents could quickly and easily see which schools were making the grade has become so fraught with errors that no parent could ever take this report card seriously. And Gov. Fallin has weighed in on the controversy by telling those pesky state superintendents to keep their mouths shut...

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Make a Fun Halloween Treat


Make a Fun Halloween Treat

If you’re a reasonable parent with control and restraint who gives out pencils or snack-sized prunes for Halloween, then don’t bother reading this. If you’re like me and have no control over Halloween candy consumption, then here’s a fun (and dare I say, “decorative”) Halloween treat to make with your kids. It would be a lovely addition to a party as well. I made these Ghouls or Zombies or whatever you prefer to call them today on Tulsa’s Channel 8 – catch me every Tuesday morning on Good Morning, Oklahoma. Here’s the recipe: Popcorn Ghouls 2 ½ quarts popped popcorn 6 tablespoons butter 3 cups small marshmallows Green food coloring Candy corn Red gumballs or other round, red...

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Tell Me Something I Didn’t Know!

Oreos are as addictive as cocaine say researchers from Connecticut College. Surprise! ( I could have told them that without a study. I swear, every week when I’m doing my grocery shopping, I have an uncontrollable urge to swerve toward that blue and white package. And these days, the original Oreo is just a gateway drug to the harder, more powerful products: Double-stuffed, holiday-themed, and that brilliant invention – chocolate dipped! – how could they NOT be addictive? Many times, I’ve reached out my hand to grab that bag off the shelf, only to pull it back in horror. I can feel my mouth filling with saliva just writing about them. Having said that, I haven’t...

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Fall Crafts for You and the Kids


Fall Crafts for You and the Kids

How many of your friends have said, “I wish I could just keep this weather going for the rest of the year” or something to that effect in the past couple of weeks? It’s hard to beat fall temperatures in Tulsa. And have you seen the sunrises and sunsets lately? Who needs a beach when you have those painting the sky every morning and evening. Why not take advantage of these gorgeous days and take the kids on a nature walk? If your kids are like mine were, they’ll probably pick up a few treasures along the way, whether it’s a red leaf or a fading coneflower. And kids tend to be little hoarders, not wanting to let go of whatever their fabulous collection of the week might be. So, instead of sneaking into your 4-year-old’s room in the middle...

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Learning Acceptance from Other Parents


Learning Acceptance from Other Parents

When I was in college at OSU, I was walking across Hall of Fame to Bennett Hall to have lunch with my friends when a car came zooming through the crosswalk and hit me. I have no recollection of the event, except waking up in the hospital with a broken body. The accident occurred during finals week (I don’t recommend it as a way to get out of taking finals) of the fall semester. I spent the spring semester hobbling around on one crutch because of my cracked pelvis, and unable to use my left arm. It had been crushed at the top, so my arm had to be immobilized by strapping it to my body. I also have a scar on my head from the 10 or so stitches I got to close the gash. I’m lucky. I’m lucky because I have no permanent damage from that experience. I’m also lucky...

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Smashburger Packs in the Flavor

I don’t usually write restaurant reviews, but I went to the opening of the new SMASHBURGER at 91st & Yale yesterday, so I feel compelled to tell you about it. In the interest of full disclosure, this was not my first visit to a Smashburger. I’ve been to the one at Tulsa Hills and also the one on 71st. Why? I like Smashburger. One thing I like about Smashburger is that you can order different sizes of hamburgers. They come in three sizes: small smash (quarter-pound), smash (one-third pound) and big smash (one-half pound). You aren’t stuck getting the half-pound side of beef and then splitting it with your husband. He likes mustard and I like mayo, so it never really works out. Besides, I like to have my own food. Selfish? Maybe. But I would rather eat...

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It’s Fall! Time for Apples

Fall is my favorite season. There’s nothing like that first hint of coolness where you can sit outside in the morning and drink coffee without getting covered in sweat in a matter of minutes. And fall food is the best – did someone say “crockpot?” I have a crockpot recipe that looks really good (it was posted on my sister-in-law’s Facebook page), so I’ll let you know how it turns out. I plan to try it this week. But, first, I want to share some apple recipes with you. I’ll be honest. I’m not a huge fan of just munching down on a raw apple. I don’t know why. My dad grew up on an apple orchard in Colorado, and he was always eating apples. But give me some apple pie or even an apple chopped up in a bowl of steel cut oats, and...

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Teenagers’ Party Trashes NFL Player’s Home

Did you read the story about the teens who broke into an NFL player’s second home and trashed it? According to a CNN U.S. account, they caused $20,000 in damage. Brian Holloway, a former New England Patriots player, was in Florida while 300 teens partied in his vacation home in Stephentown, New York. Evidently, Holloway’s son started getting tweets about an underage drinking party at the house and alerted his dad, who called the police. The kids broke windows, punched holes in walls, broke things throughout the house and spray-painted graffiti on the walls. This is the part of the story that I love. Holloway said, “How do we save these 300 lives that thought this was a good idea?” He had the tweets, so he started identifying the kids and put up...

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Texas Measles Outbreak Might Be Just the Beginning of a Public Health Crisis

The measles outbreak that began in the North Texas megachurch Eagle Mountain International Church, may be just the beginning of a health crisis that could easily spread into Oklahoma. According to Liz Szabo of USA Today: “Those sickened by measles include nine children and six adults, ranging in age from 4 months old to 44 years old. At least 12 of those infected were not fully immunized against measles, Roy says. The other patients lack documents to show whether they were vaccinated.” Kenneth Copeland, the leader of the church, advocates faith healing and has pushed followers to avoid vaccines because of a debunked assertion that childhood vaccines cause autism. The study by Andrew Wakefield in Wales was shown to be erroneous, but it resulted in an MMR...

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