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April 24, 2015

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Tulsa Voted #1 Unhealthiest City! Wha...?

SELF Magazine (Dec. 2012) has ranked Tulsa, OK as the #1 UNHEALTHIEST overall city for women. I was going to write about today being National Clean Your Refrigerator Day, but now I'll I'm going to say about that is -- better clean the fattening, processed, nasty stuff out of your refrigerator and get healthy! Our city was described this way: "Tulsa, OK. Poor habits, high disease risk and life expectancy is falling." Yes, you read that right -- life expectancy in Tulsa for women is falling (their emphasis). The other cities were, in order, Jackson, MS; Detroit, MI; Louisville, KY; St. Louis, MO; Little Rock, AR; Memphis, TN; Birmingham, AL; Las Vegas, NV; and Oklahoma City, OK. The healthiest city is San Jose, CA. Being in a community of runners and people who...

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My Many Mistakes

I make thousands of mistakes. Not just in my daily life -- like the time I put a nail through my hand or like last night when I was washing a pan and the milk I was heating for hot chocolate boiled over onto the range that I had just cleaned. Multi-tasking, being preoccupied and constantly being in a hurry (not a good combination) are probably at the root of my "accidents." I've run into a tree branch and a sign while running (still have the scar above my eye from that tree), and I've fallen down numerous times while running at Turkey Mountain. And I'm not going to even get in to the emotional damage I've probably done to my perfect children as a result of bad parenting. And then there are the hundreds of thousands of editing mistakes I've made in...

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Here's What's Really Scary

There are a couple of things that have been weighing on my mind. Since I don't have to rush around to find last minute Halloween costumes for my kids, I have more time to worry about things like the public school grades that were recently released by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Our State Superintendent of Schools Janet Barresi deserves an "F" on this one. https://sdeweb01.sde.ok.gov/Transparency/ReportCards/ I've been watching this unfold, as I'm sure many of you have. First, the State Board of Education decided not to release the grades because over 300 school superintendents around the state, including Dr. Ballard in Tulsa, objected to the calculation method. As Dr. Ballard said in a letter to parents, "It is flawed, and I...

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Bill Cosby's Message to Parents: Come on, People

Yesterday, Bill Cosby was in town speaking to the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry (TMM) at the Jazz Hall of Fame. His speech was billed as "Fatherhood...Mobilizing for Change." Dr. Cosby was entertaining and funny -- but his message was serious. It began and ended with one phrase aimed at parents: "The Revolution is in the Home." Many of us are familiar with Cosby's admonition to Black people, especially Black fathers, to step up and take individual responsibility for their children. His critics say that his comments are overly simplistic, laying out the problems without offering real solutions. Cosby doesn't buy that argument. He believes that people can make a decision to get drugs out of their neighborhoods, to get kids into school, to encourage...

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Halloween Treats

Before we get to the treats, I have a confession to make. I completely ignored the Unprocessed October Challenge this weekend. I went to Dallas to visit my son and to Austin to visit one of my daughters, so I wasn't picky about my food intake while I was gone. Tex-Mex, bring it on! Home Slice Pizza -- yes! (actually, I had a salad at Home Slice in Austin, so that was okay). Salt Lick BBQ -- yes, please! The picture to the right is what I ate at Salt Lick. Maybe it was unprocessed. I don't know...It was good. Let's leave the weekend of eating behind and move on to Halloween. I have some fun food that you can make for your kids or with your kids. These ideas would be great if you're having a Halloween party, or just want to make a fun dinner before going out...

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Unprocessed: Week Three -- Granola!


Unprocessed: Week Three -- Granola!

My Unprocessed October Challenge is going pretty well. If you want to read about the challenge, go here: www.eatingrules.com. I found a great recipe for granola in Bon Apetit a couple of years ago, and I've been making it ever since. Usually, I make a batch of it on the weekend and we eat it for breakfast through the week. It's also good for a snack, maybe with yogurt and fruit. When any of my kids are home, I double the recipe. I made this with Andrew on KTUL Channel 8's "Good Morning Oklahoma" this week. It's super easy and fits the unprocessed challenge because it doesn't have any strange ingredients or too much sugar. Here's the recipe: EVERYDAY GRANOLA Heat oven to 300 degrees F. Line a cookie sheet (the kind that has sides) with...

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October Unprocessed Week 2

I am now into Week II of my October Unprocessed Challenge. For some background on this, go to www.eatingrules.com/october-unprocessed-2012. This is Andrew Wilder's website where I found out about the Challenge. Starting out on this, I really felt that I was a conscientious label-reader. I'm not obsessive about things, mind you, but I do like to eat food that isn't loaded with chemicals and sugars. Since I buy the groceries and I'm the cook in our house, my husband has to depend on me, too. This is a guy whose mother used to have "tea parties" for him after school with Fritos, cream cheese and Coke. My husband was the third of four boys, so that could've had something to do with it. Anyway, don't worry. I don't think my husband or my...

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"Won't Back Down" -- Seriously?

You've probably heard about "Won't Back Down," the film where the mom and the disillusioned teacher take on a failing school and turn it around. And who's the villian in this film? The teachers' union, of course. I haven't seen the movie. I've read enough about it that I know I won't go see it, especially since it comes from Walden Media, the same company -- backed by the Koch Brothers -- who put out the other anti-public school propaganda film "Waiting for Superman." I did see that one. Here's a good review of "Won't Back Down": http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-wont-back-down-review-20120928,0,2053199.story. I just spent the weekend with a close friend who has been a teacher for 33...

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Unprocessed: Week One


Unprocessed: Week One

My October Unprocessed Challenge started yesterday. Well, actually Sunday night. If you missed my blog about it last week, go to www.eatingrules.com to find out about the challenge, what it entails and perhaps sign up yourself! My husband and I were out of town at our youngest daughter's Parents' Weekend at Hendrix College, so I didn't do my usual Saturday grocery shopping until Sunday evening. My habit over the years has been to decide what I'm going to cook every night for dinner for a week, make a list and go to the store. I HATE having to think about what we're going to eat every night (this was especially the case when all three of the kids were home) and I HATE having to stop at the grocery store during the week. So, grocery shopping once a week works best...

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Spare the Rod ---- Please!

Before I had children (many, many, many years ago), I had a discussion with a co-worker about spanking children as a form of discipline. He had two very young children and was an advocate of spanking. I couldn't imagine spanking my future child. You know how it is before you have children -- it's so easy to have opinions and give advice to parents when you don't have children of your own, right? I respected this guy, and I'm pretty sure he was a good dad. I asked him why he spanked his kids, and he said, "It's a good way to get their attention sometimes." OK, so aren't there other ways to get their attention? He said, for example, if his 3-year-old went out into the street, he would give her a couple of swats to let her know that she's not...

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