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July 22, 2014

May 20, 201104:08 PMEditor's Blog

Things I Won’t Have to Do if The Rapture Comes Tomorrow

May 20, 2011 - 04:08 PM

I was going to skip writing anything this week since it’s production week and I just can’t find the time or mental capacity to write. But I saw on my Google News that The Rapture is happening tomorrow, so my ego just wouldn’t let the day go by without saying good-bye to some of you (permanently, I guess.)

I’m not really clear on the time that believers are supposed to be called up. I asked my office mates, but they were no help. Our intern said 6, but he wasn’t sure if it was 6 a.m. or p.m. Then there’s the whole problem of time zones. But, really, it’s not worth worrying about, is it?

I haven’t had time to pay attention to who or what made this prediction, but it seems pretty arrogant to me that anyone would presume to know how and when such a thing would take place. Isn’t that God’s job?

Anyway, I decided to take the glass half-full approach as I think about my life if the world ended tomorrow.

Here’s a list of things I won’t have to do:

1. I won’t bother to clean the house tomorrow.
2. I won’t have to do laundry.
3. Forget about making the bed.
4. Dirty dishes? No problem.
5. I don’t think I’ll water the flowers in the pots.
6. My daughter and I were going to have a garage sale, but that’s out.
7. Mayfest? I’ll go if the Rapture is at 6 p.m.
8. I won’t be getting up early.
9. I won’t have to go to the grocery store.
10. Finally, I won’t be filling the gas tank.

Things I will do:
It made me sad to think about this list because I think about all the people I love and all the things that I do that I love. I would miss so much.

And then there are all the things I’ve yet to do. Hmmm. Thinking about the end coming tomorrow has made me have a better appreciation for what I have. And I better quit procrastinating on that list of things I want to do!

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