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April 21, 2015

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January 2011


Tiger Mom is All-American

I’ve debated whether or not to blog about Amy Chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” After seeing several interviews with her, reading about her, seeing several interviews ABOUT her and scanning through her book, I have a few things to say. I hate to break the news to her, as much as she wants us to believe she’s different from us, I don’t think she’s much of a Chinese mom. She’s much more the uber-AMERICAN mom. China has much more of a group-think culture than us Westerners. We’re capitalists. We’re all about competition, and that includes our kids. Amy Chua just takes good old American competition to the extreme. Be honest. How many of you know Tiger moms as depicted by Ms. Chua? How many of you have been Tiger moms at one time or another? I know I...

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My Apologies to Merche

Here is an email that I just received from Anna, my daughter who is studying at the University of Barcelona this semester: My host mom folds my laundry, like you and Dad do at home. She said, "Look none of your socks match! Where are the others?" and I said, "Oh, that happens at home, too." Aside from the sad fact that my husband and I actually DO fold her laundry when she’s home from college, there’s a more serious problem afoot (excuse the pun) here -- apparently the sock disappearance phenomenon is an international occurrence. I suddenly feel such a connection to Merche, Anna’s host mom in Spain, who is a mother to a grown daughter and grandmother to 6-month-old Oscar. I want to ask her if her daughter’s socks used to go into the washing machine together and come out...

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What About Assault Weapons? Let's Get Rid of Them

I was happy to see that Carolyn McCarthy, a congressional representative from New York, is going to try to put forth some kind of sensible gun legislation in the wake of the tragic killings in Tucson. Rep. McCarthy’s husband was gunned down and her son injured in a Long Island shooting, so she’s no stranger to gun violence. Apparently, she’s going to target (excuse the pun) the high-capacity ammunition clips that the gunman in Arizona used. Ironically, the ban on these types of assault weapons was allowed to expire in 2004. Who in the world needs a gun that will fire hundreds of bullets in less than a minute? If the shooter had not had an assault weapon, which he purchased legally, by the way, he would not have been able to kill and injure all of those people. My heart goes...

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

My 21-year-old daughter left for Barcelona on New Year’s Day. Study abroad. She won’t be back until May 28. I was feeling pretty good about it until I happened to catch an episode of House Hunters International. A young American woman and her South American fiancé were looking for an apartment in Chile. She met him while studying in South America. They were in the same history class. I really didn’t need to see that. It’s Monday and the only communication we’ve had from her is that she arrived at the Barcelona airport and she had met up with the program director. I have to assume that she’s REALLY busy, or that she doesn’t have access to wi fi at the moment – otherwise, why wouldn’t she be skyping with her mom!!!? This is a kid who was a preschool dropout. I...

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