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July 28, 2014

Feb 11, 201103:58 PMEditor's Blog

The Words That Must Not Be Spoken

Feb 11, 2011 - 03:58 PM
Yesterday, my friend Eliot, the 7-year-old son of a TulsaKids advertising representative, came into my office dripping and red-faced from sledding down the hill in front of the office. (I keep candy on my table to lure kids in to talk to me.) Eliot and I had a nice conversation.

ME: Are you having fun? You’re wet. You look cold.

ELIOT (looking sideways at the candy bowl on the table): Yes, we’ve been sledding, but I just got my face covered in snow.

ME: I see. Your face is still red. Want some candy?

ELIOT: Sure. My mom loves Jolly Ranchers.

ME: I’m sure she does. Who wouldn’t? Take some for her and your brothers, too. So, what do you think of all this snow?

ELIOT: Well, actually, I’m a bit tired of snow. We haven’t had school in more than five days.

At this point Eliot begins to think back. I can see it’s getting hard to remember the last day that he was in school. It must seem like years.

Suddenly, ELIOT blurts out: I’m a bit tired of snow. I’m ready to go back to school.

A look of horror comes over his face. He has uttered The Words That Must Not Be Spoken – he wants to go back to school.

Immediately, he starts back-pedaling.

ELIOT: Well, I really wouldn’t mind another day off. I really don’t want to go back, but…

ME: Hey, that’s okay. I think some of the moms are a bit tired of snow, too.

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