Hello, So What Are You Doing?

I’m sitting in a snow globe. Seriously. I’m up in my office on the 4th floor with windows looking out over Veteran’s Park watching the snowflakes fall. And fall. And fall. It’s perfect. It’s also silent except for the mechanical, rhythmic hum of my printer. Maybe I should go to iTunes and find a soundtrack to my afternoon. OK, I found it. Elvis Costello singing jazz standards. Imagine it, snow floating down, E.C. singing “At Last.” Sigh.

See, having a grown-up kid working in Dallas, a daughter studying abroad in Barcelona and another away at college isn’t so bad.

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Betty Casey started editing TulsaKids when her youngest child was 3 years old. That daughter is now a freshman in college. Her son is 24 and her middle daughter is 21. TulsaKids and her children literally grew up together (and she lived to tell about it)! Betty's blog ranges from commenting on current parenting issues and upcoming articles to personal reflections about being the mom of three children, who are now wonderful young adults.

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