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May 4, 2015

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February 2011


TulsaKids Goes to the Opera

Last night my husband and I went to see a dress rehearsal of “Don Giovanni.” In the interest of full disclosure, I went with the understanding that I would blog about it. While I have been to the opera, I am certainly not qualified to critique an opera. I can, however, tell you about my experience and, since I know parents read TulsaKids, I’ll tell you what I think of “Don Giovanni” as a family experience. First, let’s just say, the orchestra, the singing, the acting was, to my layman’s eyes and ears, terrific. I would like to see more opulent sets in opera, but that may be a cost issue. I love the spectacle and drama of the opera. If you haven’t been to an opera, you should go. It’s a sumptuous and romantic art form. Go with your significant other, and just take...

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The Words That Must Not Be Spoken

Yesterday, my friend Eliot, the 7-year-old son of a TulsaKids advertising representative, came into my office dripping and red-faced from sledding down the hill in front of the office. (I keep candy on my table to lure kids in to talk to me.) Eliot and I had a nice conversation. ME: Are you having fun? You’re wet. You look cold. ELIOT (looking sideways at the candy bowl on the table): Yes, we’ve been sledding, but I just got my face covered in snow. ME: I see. Your face is still red. Want some candy? ELIOT: Sure. My mom loves Jolly Ranchers. ME: I’m sure she does. Who wouldn’t? Take some for her and your brothers, too. So, what do you think of all this snow? ELIOT: Well, actually, I’m a bit tired of snow. We haven’t had school in more than five days. At...

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Hello, So What Are You Doing?

I’m sitting in a snow globe. Seriously. I’m up in my office on the 4th floor with windows looking out over Veteran’s Park watching the snowflakes fall. And fall. And fall. It’s perfect. It’s also silent except for the mechanical, rhythmic hum of my printer. Maybe I should go to iTunes and find a soundtrack to my afternoon. OK, I found it. Elvis Costello singing jazz standards. Imagine it, snow floating down, E.C. singing “At Last.” Sigh. See, having a grown-up kid working in Dallas, a daughter studying abroad in Barcelona and another away at college isn’t so bad.

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9 Snow Day Activities

You and the kids may be getting cabin fever with all the snow. Here are some activities that you can do with the kids that are fun, creative and,best of all, don't involve a trip to the store. 1. Listening Game. Depending on the ages of your children, you can make this as simple or as complicated as you want. Or have an older child play it with a younger sibling. Have your child close her eyes and guess what objects you're using to make sounds. Use household objects like jangling keys, coins, shaking rice, rattling silverware or hitting a wooden spoon on a plastic bowl. 2. Balloon (Nerf ball or soft stuffed animal) Toss. If you're using a balloon, have kids stand in a circle and try to keep the balloon in the air. With stuffed toys or a beanbag, toss quickly around the circle, or...

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