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April 27, 2015

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December 2010


The McDonald’s Brouhaha

So what do you think of the McDonald’s brouhaha? I’m not sure what side I stand on. On the one hand, I can’t imagine that anyone thinks that taking their kids to McDonald’s is healthy – even with the milk and apple dippers. Really. How many apples and milk servings go into those Happy Meals as opposed to French fries and sugary sodas? But parents do, after all, have the primary responsibility for what goes into their kids’ mouths. I have yet to see a 5-year-old drive himself to the local McDonald’s. On the other hand, parents are constantly fighting the hard fight against corporations marketing directly to their children. It isn’t easy to be the bad guy to your kids, is it? When McDonald’s is dangling the latest Disney movie toy in front of your kids every...

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Time Magazine’s Person of the Year is…..

So, if you haven’t heard who Time’s Person of the Year is yet, it’s Mark Zuckerberg, the 26-year-old co-founder and CEO of Facebook. Tell the truth. Did you know who Mark Zuckerberg was a couple of years ago? Time says they chose him “for changing how we all live our lives.” Wait a minute. I, for one, find this to be a gross generalization. How we ALL live our lives? Excuse me. OK, for one thing, the only reason Zuckerberg is Person of the Year is because of that movie and, more to the point, because old people like me are now on Facebook. Think about it. Who even reads Time Magazine? Of the 20 or 30 readers it still has, they’re probably all old like me. So, Zuckerberg, to be officially recognized, you must be known to Baby Boomers. It takes some of the shine off...

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Elizabeth Edwards

I’m sad about Elizabeth Edwards. It’s funny how we feel as if we know public figures personally, so that somehow makes it okay to comment on their lives. I always liked Elizabeth Edwards. She didn’t ask to be a public figure, but she did it graciously despite some of the rough hands that were dealt her. For whatever reason, I’ve always thought of her as a mom first and foremost. I don’t necessarily think of other famous women who are moms that way. Maybe I think of Elizabeth Edwards as a mom first because she endured what no mom should have to endure – the death of a child. Getting back up after the fates have dealt you that low blow would be close to impossible. But she did it, and she endured. Then to have cancer and a philandering husband played out on the public...

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Grateful Kids Are Happy Kids (really the research says so!)

Grateful kids are happy kids, at least according to an article, “Thank You. No, Thank You. Grateful People Are Happier Long After the Leftovers Have Been Gobbled Up” by Melinda Beck in the Wall Street Journal (Nov. 23) last week. Our cover story this month in TulsaKids is about instilling charity and gratitude in kids. Probably most of us parents do it just because it’s the right thing to do, but it turns out that research shows that it will actually make our children (and us) happier. Here’s a link to the article: You’ve all probably read about the “positive psychology” movement where therapists help people focus on what they CAN do, helping them develop positive thinking, rather than...

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