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April 19, 2015

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April 2011


Things I Did to Not Forget the Things I’ve Done

This morning I did something I’ve never done before – guest hosted a TV morning show. Yes. Really. I know. The nice people at KTUL Channel 8’s “Good Morning Tulsa” invited me to fill in for the day for Keith Taylor. Of course, no one can replace Keith, but I said “yes” because I think it’s good for me to get out from behind my computer and step outside my comfort zone. I told my kids that I survived it and actually had fun because Kristin Dickerson and Mike Collier and Executive Producer Jody McIntyre and all the other people at Channel 8 are all so nice to me. And maybe it’s a good example to set for my young adult children as one navigates the ins and outs of a first professional job and the other two go through college. I emailed them all and said that I...

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Did Your Child Get In?

With only a couple of weeks left to make the final college decision on May 1, many high school seniors and their parents are agonizing over making the “right” decision about which college to choose. As someone who’s been through this three times now, I can say that it’s probably a lot less important than you’re making it. So, if your kid is applying to more than one school (something that has been made quite easy by that unfortunate invention known as the Common App), you’ve probably already received the small envelopes of rejection and the large envelopes of “Congratulations! We’re pleased to welcome you to _______.” At least that anxiety is over, right? Now, assuming that your young adult has been admitted to more than one school (and can afford the exorbitant...

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Our editor-in-chief, Betty started working for TulsaKids when her youngest child was 3 years old. That daughter will be starting graduate school in the fall. Her son is now 27 and her middle daughter is 24. TulsaKids and her children literally grew up together (and she lived to tell about it)! Betty is an avid runner, cook (loves to eat) and coffee snob. She is an award-winning writer and most recently was honored with a Great Plains Journalism Award as Best Blogger of 2013. Last year, she wrote and illustrated her first children’s book, “May Finds Her Way” (2013 The RoadRunner Press). Watch for her every Tuesday on KTUL Channel 8’s Good Morning Oklahoma and Thursdays on KTUL’s Good Day Tulsa.

She enjoys getting reader feedback on articles, blogs or with suggestions for the magazine. Email her at editor@tulsakids.com

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