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April 16, 2014

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Recipe for Leftover Easter Ham


Recipe for Leftover Easter Ham

You could take that extra ham and make some sandwiches, but that’s a little boring. For not much more time invested, you could make these tasty little morsels of egg-y goodness. Popovers are light in texture and can be either savory or sweet, depending on what you add to them. These ham and ricotta treats make a perfect hand-held breakfast, lunch, snack or brunch. They’re best eaten while still warm or on the same day you make them. I’ll be making these on Good Morning Oklahoma, KTUL Channel 8, on Tues., April 15, if you want to watch how it’s done. Makes 6 popovers, but this recipe is easy to double. Heat oven to 425. For the batter: 1/3 cup all-purpose white flour 1/3 cup wheat flour (or you can use all white flour if...

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How to Make a Kite and Where to Fly It in Tulsa


How to Make a Kite and Where to Fly It in Tulsa

I just got back from a trip to visit my daughter in Austin. She thoughtfully planned an itinerary of things that I might like to do. One of them was visiting the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The bluebonnets were in bloom, and we strolled through the area, enjoying being outside away from the traffic of the city. It reminded me of my walks through the Tulsa Botanic Garden. While it doesn’t have the amenities of Lady Bird’s Center, yet, it’s still a great place to take the kids away from the noise of town and take a walk through the woods. Now is a good time to go since it’s not too hot and you’ll see lots of redbuds. Next Saturday, April 19, the Tulsa Wind Riders Kite Club will be out at the Tulsa Botanic Garden flying their kites at the...

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You Stood Up for Education Today; Don’t Forget to Vote Tomorrow


You Stood Up for Education Today; Don’t Forget to Vote Tomorrow

When parents, teachers and administrators saw education funding being cut, resulting in growing class sizes, outdated books and fewer materials, unfunded legislative mandates, growing higher education tuition and fees, low teacher pay and a depressing dearth of resources all the way around, we stood up. At some point, enough is enough. No one wants children going to school every day without everything they need to be successful. We can do it if we put our priorities in the right place and do the right thing, rather than the political thing. In his remarks today, David Blatt, executive director of the non-partisan Oklahoma Policy Institute, pointed out that Oklahoma’s taxes are “the lowest they’ve been for decades,” yet the governor and the legislature want...

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Build Your Child’s Brain


Build Your Child’s Brain

It turns out that the best way that parents can support their child’s brain development is both free and easy. Talk. That’s right. Children whose parents talk to them from the time they are born have a better start in school and in life. Yesterday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on behalf of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (www.clintonfoundation.org), visited a Tulsa Educare Center to help roll out a community-wide campaign -- “Talking is Teaching.” The initiative will use librarians, faith-based leaders, business-owners, pediatricians and others to raise awareness of the importance of talking, singing, reading and engaging in social interaction with children ages 0 to 5.  As Clinton said, “Tulsa can be ground...

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Girls Will Be


Girls Will Be

Now y’all know I don’t endorse products here; however, I’ve gotten some things in my office that I’ve talked about once or twice. Remember the wrinkle cream? Or as marketers prefer to call it “anti-aging.” I use so many products described as “anti-aging” that I really should be an infant by now ala Benjamin Button. But I digress. I received an email message from something called GIRLS WILL BE. Naturally, I’m a female and I have two female children, so rather than hit DELETE as I usually do with unrecognizable emails, I opened it up. So, here’s the thing. It’s a Kickstarter venture started by a couple of moms who couldn’t find just regular girls’ clothing. You know, the kind without ruffles,...

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Girl is Suing Her Parents for College Tuition!

Did you all see this story? http://abcnews.go.com/US/rachel-canning-sues-parents-make-cover-school-expenses/story?id=22768908 Most 18-year-olds can’t wait to be out on their own. This 18-year-old girl is suing her parents to be DEpendent on them. Evidently, she wants them to foot the bill for her college tuition, room and board, even though her parents say she would get everything she wants if she lives at home, “Private school, new car, college education; that all comes with living under our roof,” her dad told ABC News. I don’t know what to say. Except that she makes my kids and the most of the other kids I know look like saints. How does a child get to this point of extreme entitlement? What do you think?

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What Messages Do You Send Your Daughters?

As I was getting ready this morning, I was listening to bits and pieces of the TODAY show. Maria Shriver was on talking to a group of women about body image. I don’t know who they were. The only one I recognized was the actress Cameron Diaz, who was talking about healthy eating and giving up cheese.  The conversation really got my attention when the discussion turned to how their mothers influenced their eating habits and body image. Yikes. It made me think about my own two daughters and also my mother. I learned some amazing things from my mom. She was, and is, a fabulous cook, and a very classy dresser. We always ate healthy meals, and every year my dad planted a vegetable garden in the backyard. Candy and pop were rare treats at our house. We almost never went out...

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Free Money for Oklahoma Colleges


Free Money for Oklahoma Colleges

I know how expensive college is from personal experience. I have two kids who are out and my last one is a senior this year. And, unfortunately, from the Governor’s recent budget proposal, it looks like less of our tax dollars will be going to higher education, meaning tuition will probably be going up instead of down. But that’s a blog for another day. I wanted to let you all know about some great scholarship opportunities if you have kids who know their Oklahoma history and are going to state schools. The first one is 2014 John W. & Mary D. Nichols Oklahoma Heritage Scholarship. This is a FOUR-YEAR scholarship, totaling $10,000, for an Oklahoma high school senior. The scholarship is given by the Oklahoma Heritage Association and Gaylord-Pickens Museum in...

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We’re Number 44! Let’s Give Our Policy-Makers an F

The Education Week Quality Counts report card on American public schools is out and Oklahoma ranks 44th in per-pupil spending. I had high hopes that Oklahoma’s embarrassing ranking would be a call to action by our lawmakers to increase school funding. What business, what family, what organization wants to come to a state that doesn’t fund its public schools? And what teacher would want to teach in Oklahoma? We also have a teacher shortage. Hmmm. Could there be a connection? Rather than stepping up and calling for decent school funding, we have two Oklahoma Legislators, Reps. Jason Nelson, R-Oklahoma City, and Tom Newell, R-Seminole, who want to funnel public school money to private schools by providing funds for poor children to go to private schools. Well,...

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Cake in a Cup


Cake in a Cup

Sometimes you want something sweet, but you don’t want too much, and you don’t want to go to too much trouble to make it. I have the answer – cake in a mug. It’s so easy. Easy as in you can make it in 5 minutes. There’s no baking involved and you won’t be tempted to over indulge in a large leftover cake because there are no leftovers. I made a chocolate cake in a cup last night and my husband and I split it. It was kind of like having a cupcake. Here’s the recipe: Spray the inside of a coffee mug with cooking spray. To the mug, add: 7 Tablespoons of cake mix. I used Betty Crocker Double Chocolate Fudge, but you can make any kind of cake you like – spice, white, German chocolate – anything. 6 Tablespoons of...

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