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Hip Mom: The Hip Mom Gets a Hip Phone

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Up until quite recently, it is possible that I did not have a very hip phone.  It is even possible that my phone was a flip phone. A DUCT-TAPED flip phone. A flip phone with a numeric keypad that fills its owner with terror when she hears a text come in – because she will have to TEXT SOMEONE BACK.

As of October 14, however, I became the proud owner of the much-heralded iPhone 4s. A beautiful, black, boxy bauble with a sexy cheetah case to boot. 

Yes, my phone looks hip. But not only does it look hip, it is a panacea for a mom running around town with her hair on fire. While I know you all are aware that you can check your email at soccer practice on an iPhone, or note a reminder to procure cinnamon toast, or, gasp, TEXT your friends with a keypad, this phone is nothing short of a personal assistant/photographer/videographer/BFF all rolled into one.

First: The pictures! Techie gurus proclaim the iPhone 4s as the demise of the point-and-shoot camera, and I can see why — the shots are perfect. Crisp, perfectly lit. And once I (well, my husband) figured out how to upload Mac-type pictures to my PC (use a program like Picasa to edit your photos on a PC), it’s quite seamless.

Before my iPhone, I was always that mother who forgets the proper recording equipment at every.single.event. When every other parent cracks out the video camera, lighting and camera crew at the recital, game, or Pre-K graduation, I am that mom who is just grinning and sheepishly waving to her offspring from the audience. But because I never forget my PHONE, I can now take perfect videos (which you can edit right on the phone) without having to lug anything extra besides children.

What else is a bit revolutionary with the iPhone 4s? A chick who lives in the phone named “Siri.” Siri is a fully functioning voice command system. What does this mean? You can use your phone just by talking to it! Siri can send messages, set reminders, call your pediatrician and add an appointment to your calendar. Yesterday I needed to know where the nearest FedEx was, and Siri found me nine nearby locations. So it’s sort of like you’re a celebrity with your own personal assistant. Well, kind of.

Now, yes, my precious phone was a bit pricey. The iPhone 4s starts at $199 for the 16 GB version. But since I am not a huge consumer of texts, data or minutes, the monthly payment is not much more than it was with my former phone.

And! The jillions of “apps” you can tinker with! One “app” (doesn’t just saying the word “app” make me sound super hip?) I try out is Cozi Family Organizer. It is an online family scheduler that allows you to input every family member and his or her schedule, and then share it amongst all the members of your family. You can input recurring appointments and one-time appointments; I can even specify that Colette’s preschool has pizza day “every last Tuesday.”   

While it is a bit of a nightmare to input everything up front (five kids and their soccer practices, games, piano – ugh!), once everything is in, it is easy to just add an appointment.

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