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The daisy and the ballet shoe

Sep 19, 2011 - 09:46 AM

There’s a gnome living in my daughter’s bedroom. I’m serious. That’s the only way I can explain what’s been going on in there. At first I blamed the cat…but now, I’m not so sure.

Several weeks ago, my daughter and I rushed off to her dance class. We left her tap and ballet shoes on her bed because she didn’t need them for this particular class. When we returned, the tap shoes were there, along with one, lonely ballet shoe. I looked around her room for the other one, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

I figured Rosie the cat had claimed it as a toy, so I looked in all of her favorite spots, but found nothing. After several other failed searches, the shoe remains missing.

A couple of weeks later, my daughter was playing with a silk daisy – also on her bed. Keep this in mind, as I believe her bed is a clue. We left for an activity or some such and when we returned, we discovered the daisy stem…but no daisy head. The flower had been removed from wire stem.

Again, I blamed the cat and looked around my daughter’s room and found nothing. Now if Rosie the cat had disassembled the daisy, I think I would have found a petal or two somewhere. But no. No daisy parts have been seen in our home. Ever.

These isolated incidents could be attributed to our playful cat Rosie. She has a tendency to believe that if it’s lying on the floor, it’s a toy – her toy. But she’s usually so excited and proud of herself that she hardly ever keeps her treasures to herself. She proudly prances about the house with her plunder for all to see, chirping and meowing all the while.

But Rosie never did that with the ballet shoe or daisy top – two treasures worth trumpeting about.

And here’s the disappearance that has me stumped – and wondering if I’m mistakenly blaming Rosie the cat instead of - obviously - a gnome that might be living in my daughter’s bedroom.

A week or so before school started, I unpacked my daughter's uniforms to see what still fit and what needed replaced. She tried on one of her polo shirts and it fit. While she changed back into her clothes, I turned around to hang up the other shirts. When I turned around to hang up the shirt she had tried on, it was gone.

I asked my daughter where the shirt was and she said, “On my bed.” Well…it wasn’t. The skirt she’d tried on was, but the shirt wasn’t. We looked all over her room – under her bed and even in drawers that hadn’t been opened and couldn’t find that shirt anywhere.

I still can’t find it. It’s wacky.

And it’s why I’m pretty much convinced there’s a gnome living in my daughter’s room. Under her bed, apparently – since that’s where everything is when it disappears.

Yep. That’s the only logical explanation, right? There’s a mischievous little gnome living under my daughter’s bed, stealing things. And as best as I can tell, this gnome is wearing a white polo shirt and a single ballet shoe and carrying half a daisy.

This is driving me crazy. Obviously.

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