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Today is my little girl’s last day of PreK. Here she is walking in to school this morning...the last time she'll do that as a preschooler. And even though her teacher has an end-of-school celebration planned for her class, it just seems like there should be some kind of ceremony…a graduation of sorts. After all, this is the last year she’ll go to school three days a week. Next year, she starts Kindergarten. From here on, it’s “real.” So, I’d like to take a moment to address my little graduate. She’s come so far. All of them have. And like all graduates – big and small – they have so far to go, too. Cue music. Graduates of the PreK Class of 201, congratulations! Today marks the end of your preschool years. The next time you go to school, you will be...

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For Mother's Day: A tale of three mothers

First Mother We recently met a woman who moved to the US from China about a year ago. She asked if Piper was from China and was a bit shocked to hear Piper answer her in Chinese – thanks to three years of Chinese lessons. Piper was able to talk with her a little bit, which they both enjoyed. As we talked, my husband asked what brought her to America. She explained China's one-child policy and said that she had a daughter, who is now 15 years old. For many years, her mother-in-law had tried to convince her to give up her daughter in hopes of her having another child – a boy. She explained China’s preference for boys which we explained that we were well aware of. She said she endured the pressure from her mother-in-law and eventually her husband to abandon her daughter,...

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