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March 2011


A tale of two countries: an update on adoptions in Japan

In my last post, I asked a lot of questions about the children who lost their parents following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I wondered if Japan could care for their own children and asked if there was a difference between Haiti and Japan following such a crisis. The answer to both questions is “yes.” As one person pointed out in the comments section following my last post, Japan says it can take care of its own just fine – a sharp contrast to the response and needs experienced after the earthquake in Haiti last year. It’s a cultural issue. Those in the adoption community don’t believe there will be a true “orphan situation” in Japan because of the way Japanese generally provide for displaced children. However, in China, things are different. Displaced...

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The calm after the tsunami

Like most people, I’m following the disaster in Japan every day. And every day the news just gets worse. The death toll mounts. Words like “full-scale nuclear catastrophe imminent” fill my Twitter feed. But one thing is missing. And if you’ve read my blog at all, you know what it is: the children. You might remember following the earthquake in Haiti, countless people immediately wanted to adopt a child who’d been orphaned in the disaster. It seemed people were willing to board a plane and fly to Haiti for a child asap, with little regard to procedure, paperwork or policy. In the weeks that followed, we all learned that Haiti’s infrastructure couldn’t handle these good intentions – then or in the near future. Haiti’s orphans would have to wait. So what about...

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