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June 2011

Mr. Ping, I feel your pain


Mr. Ping, I feel your pain

Oh, Kung Fun Panda 2 – we had such hope for you. The first movie was so funny, my daughter was really looking forward to this second one – which is saying something for a little girl who will only watch movies about fairies, princesses and mermaids. Instead of a fun, funny movie full of slapstick humor, silly jokes and awesome kung fu, we got a lot of action, adventure and explosions (to be expected in a summer movie, I guess). Oh, and – bonus! – a heavy adoption theme that hit way too close to home. Good times at the multiplex. The adoption element wasn’t a surprise. I’d read the reviews, so I was prepared. And so was Piper. We had a little chat before the movie, so she knew Po the panda would learn about his adoption and struggle with his past. She was okay...

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